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Rated: 18
Genre: Mystery thriller comedy
Running Time: 100 minutes
Director-writer: Stephen Sommers
Cast: Willem Dafoe, Anton Yelchin, Addison Timlin and Patton Oswalt

Synopsis: Based on a thriller novel by American writer Dean Koontz, “Odd Thomas” derives its title from the protagonist, a twenty-year-old short-order cook named Odd Thomas. In a California desert town, the short-order cook with clairvoyant abilities encounters a mysterious man with a link to dark, threatening forces. Odd uses his gift of supernatural intuition, which his soulmate Bronwen (a.k.a. Stormy) Llewellyn calls “psychic magnetism,” to track the man, whom Odd nicknames “Fungus Man” This man, who Odd nicknames “Fungus Man”, down.

Release date in Malaysia: October 24th 2013
Distributor / studio: Nusantara Edaran Filem / The Sommers Company, Fusion Films

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Verdict: If the original novel is actually good then this adaptation certainly didn’t do it any justice at all. Odd Thomas is basically a teenage audience-targeted, mystery-solving version of The Frighteners (1996) with cringe-worthy dialogues, highly corny scenes and romance elements that’re as annoying as the Twilight Saga. The entire film feels like a long episode of a cheesy TV series from the 90s, the only difference is the unnecessary use of slo-mo effects and cleavages (okay, this one’s probably not unnecessary considering how difficult the movie would’ve been for me to sit through if it wasn’t for those racks). Anton Yelchin’s performance as the titular protagonist is passable but the film may been more compelling if it was done in a more darker approach, leave out the kiddish narration and instead of stating the obvious, provoke the audience to do the thinking and guessing. Unfortunately even the plot is flawed.

Second opinion: Even my girlfriend thought it was boring, the scares were predictable (even though it did scare her in the end) and the ending was unintentionally hilarious.

On the hot & sexy Addison Timlin… What kept my eyes on the screen? It was all this chick. Thank the lord (if one exists) for having her nude in multiple episodes of Californication (TV series). By the way, “Timlin” means sweet nipples in Cantonese. #JustSaying

Elvis Presley in Odd Thomas: Apparently in the novel, Elvis’ spirit is a constant companion to the Odd Thomas but in the film, Elvis only appears as a cardboard cutout stand. Guess they couldn’t secure the rights to do it? It would’ve been quite interesting if they had this character as well. Must be disappointing for the fans of the book.

Let’s discuss the plot holes & the ending of Odd Thomas:

In the film, Odd Thomas knows that the Bodachs (shadowy transparent evil spirits) will kill anyone who they know can see them but it’s not explained how and why he knew that. In the flashback scene, he explains that to a friend who has the same ability before the friend gets killed by a truck driver who’s possessed by a Bodach. So that means he already knew before that.

Towards the ending where Odd Thomas is trying to prevent the mall from the catastrophe, a number of Bodachs try to stop him by pulling him back but somehow he can easily brush them off. Also, instead of manipulating him directly, the Bodachs have to possess one of the human villains to try to kill him. Is immunity to the manipulation of Bodachs one of Odd Thomas’ many gifts? It’s not explained. If the Bodachs love death and feed on human sufferings, why can’t they just do it themselves, like possess the bad guys and just suicide-bomb the mall? And since they’re capable of manipulating a human being to use a gun so well, why can’t they just possess Obama and declare war or something? They’d get the biggest feast of their darkness.

No matter if you liked the movie or not, you’d have to agree that the ending is simply unintentionally funny as hell. After saving hundreds from getting bombed in the mall, he and his girlfriend, Stormy (Timlin), get to have a vacation at a private apartment as some sort of a token of appreciate. They are shown to be doing couple stuffs including (indicated) sex. It is later revealed that Stormy was actually killed in the mall and that she’s merely just a spirit now. He makes out with her one last time before allowing her to move on. However, in this story, the spirits cannot talk or make any sort of physical contact so how stupid the last kiss actually is for the others in the apartment who can’t see spirits. Also, he had sex with her… but how? That’s just hilarious. The misery for the audience isn’t over yet here. As the epilogue narration comes in, Odd Thomas walks through the desert for no reason at all and right before the closing credits rolls, he predictably does the typical superhero stare-down-the-city pose on a cliff. Tell me this is not corny.

Malaysian censorship: Only one word was muted at the premiere screening. It’s classified as “18” here but it is believed that the film’s target audience are supposedly teenagers ’cause seriously, which adult would actually enjoy this shyt?

Rating: 1.5 / 5

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