ONE FC 11: No surprise for Bibiano & Aoki, Singapore 3 – 0 Malaysia

ONE FC 11 Total Domination Ann Osman vs. Sherilyn Lim female MMA

ONE FC: Total Domination – A night of low blows, more soccer kicks, uncommon decisions & poor social media practice

Compared to ONE FC 10: Champions & Warriors, it was way more entertaining as most of the bouts on the card were packed with high level MMA action. but I shall only go into the subjects which I believe not many would write about on record. Before that, let’s have a quick recap on the main event and co-main event.

As I mentioned in my preview post, many observers may have thought that it’s a no brainer that Bibiano Fernandes would be victorious against the now-former champ Kim Sook Chul. Well, Bibiano did win and was crowned Undisputed ONE FC Bantamweight Champion of the World at the end of the night, but it took him all 5 rounds of non-stop action to do it. Kim put up a great fight and has shown a lot of heart and cardio despite being dominated in almost every aspect. He was highly emotional when the belt was taken away from him (he was literally pissed off with himself and then went on crying like a baby) but he’s still young (he’s balding but he’s actually only 21 years old), I think he has the potential come back stronger. By the way, like many of the bouts on this night, there was an accidental kick to the balls but compared to the others, this one’s considerably minor (yes, issa quite an oucha night).

Shinya Aoki, well, was there any doubt at all? He didn’t manage to finish his opponent this time but it was only his first time competing in the Featherweight division. It’s such an art the way he took wrestler Cody Stevens down quite effortlessly several times, stuck on him like super glue and made it very difficult for any sort of attack to be attempted. He never stopped trying to advance and look for a submission while being in control, but Stevens defended well. Aoki is actually way taller, I think he had like 12 cm advantage and yet he didn’t wanna strike much. But oh well, I guess he doesn’t ever need to if he keeps on winning this way. And by the way, the bout started with a heavy knee to Aoki’s crotch, and took him the whole 5 minutes to recover.

Weird judges scoring and decisions?

I’m no expert and I do know that ONE FC’s “overall scoring system” is different compared to the more familiar “round-by-round scoring system”… but personally, although it does make the fights more interesting when they go to distance, I think it also makes it more difficult to judge unambiguously.

I thought Rafael Silva won in the first two rounds of his bout against Tatsuyo Mizuno with his damaging strikes and suplex. Before the last round (where Silva got tried and soccer-kicked to the head and yet he wasn’t finished by the Japanese), Mizuno did nothing much except plenty of transitions to arm submission attempts that didn’t seem to cause much concern for Silva. Mizuno won by unanimous judges scorecard decision in the end. If you asked me (someone who doesn’t know much), I thought Silva won in overall and the judges seemed to have scored based on the third round only.

Sherilyn Lim became the first Singaporean female fighter to win in the ONE FC by winning via split decision against the first ever Malaysian female professional MMA fighter Ann Osman but it’s a decision that some Malaysians didn’t agree with. Osman indeed had control on the clinch and was on top on the ground (superior positions) for most of the bout but the Singaporean landed more significant shots and was doing more than her opponent even when she was mounted on. If it was a different set of judges, it may have been a decision win for Osman instead but anyhow, it was a tough fight to score regardless of any system. So with that being said, I can’t disagree with this decision but I was quite surprised that the referee stood them up when Osman had full mount. I know she was just sitting and not doing much but it’s a lot of work to get to this advantageous position.

On all four Malaysian fighters losing…

I hate to say this but Eddie Ng (from Hong Kong) was incredibly explosive on standup, didn’t allow Peter Davis to find his range and was significantly the more skilled grappler. Peter had no choice but to verbally tap out to that dangerous bellydown armbar. Ng has proven that he’s a real deal, probably the second or third best Lightweight contender in ONE FC now. Would love to see him face Ariel “Tarzan” Sexton next.

The fight between Alex Lim and Jie Juan Wen is probably the one of the slowest I’ve ever seen in ONE FC. It’s definitely not a fight you’d enjoy if you’re supporting neither of them. Lim’s 37 years old and didn’t look fit enough to fight professionally against the Singaporean who’s so much younger than him. What a story it could’ve been if he won.

Marc Marcellinus actually looked quite impressive with his quick moves and he didn’t seem nervous at all, all confident with his chin sticking out and all. But the hard kick to his nuts at the beginning of the fight might have affected his performance. Later on in the very first round, Marc fell to his butt from a tree-chopping trip-kick by Stephen Langdown and when he got up to run away, Langdown chased him down with a flying knee to the body which dropped him again. The referee put a stop to the contest as Marc didn’t respond to Langdown’s followup hammerfists.

Osman lost as well so that makes us losing all 3 battles with Singapore’s representatives. Hopefully Adam Kayoom will be able to end our losing streak when he contends for the title in the coming ONE FC event next month. Stay tuned, will post about this in weeks to come.

Facebook Page of ONE Fighting Championship is not transparent; commentator Jason Chambers went against Twitter Rules to gain followers

When Jason Chambers‘ Twitter profile was promoted on ONE FC’s FB Page during the event, I left a comment on that timeline post to complain about how Chambers followed me to get me to return the favour and then unfollowed me after. He did that twice to me, and it happened to some of the other bloggers I know as well. I’m not sure if he knows but this little overused spamming trick to gain followers actually violates Twitter’s official terms of services. And instead of responding to my comment, ONE FC decided to delete my comment instead. I posted another one on the same post asking where’s the transparency and that too got removed. I won’t be surprised if I found out that both Chambers’ Twitter account and ONE FC’s FB Page are handled by the same people.



Bantamweight title: Bibiano Fernandes def. Soo Chul Kim via Unanimous Decision | 5 rounds
Featherweight: Shinya Aoki def. Cody Stevens via Unanimous Decision | 3 rounds
Lightweight: Eddie Ng def. Peter Davis via Submission (armbar) | 1:46 R1
Middleweight: Tatsuya Mizuno def. Rafael Silva via Unanimous Decision | 3 rounds
Light-heavyweight: Sylvain Potard def. Jake Butler via Knockout | 0:42 R2
Featherweight: Shannon Wiratchai def. Mitch Chilson via Knockout | 1:52 R1
Flyweight: Khim Dima vs. Rene Catalan ruled No Contest (Dima illegal strikes) | 3:40 R2


Strawweight: Sherilyn Lim def. Ann Osman via Split Decision | 3 rounds
Lightweight: Juan Wen Jie def. Alex Lim via TKO (hook & ground & pound) | 0:18 R2
Bantamweight: Stephen Langdown def. Marc Marcellinus via TKO (knee & punches) | 1:49 R1

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