Weekend update: The Mousetrap in Malaysia, new blog layout, Arsenal’s goals

Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap in KL, Malaysia!

Cast of The Mouseplay in DBKL KL Malaysia from British Theater Playhouse

I was at Auditorium DBKL on Thursday night for The Mousetrap play. It was my first time watching a genuine, properly produced, non-musical West End theatrical stage play and I absolutely loved it (hard not to ’cause I had nothing else to compare with other than the crappy musicals I’ve attended). Like most of the other works by Agatha Christie, it’s a compelling murder-whodunit-mystery play with a bit of dry British humour. The twist at the end actually did surprise me as it wasn’t as typical as I was expecting it to be. I was amazed at how all acts could really work out in one single setting. That’s just brilliant writing by Christie and no wonder it’s a classic but I know this production by British Theater Playhouse probably wasn’t 100% faithful to the original play. I felt that the final scenes were a bit rushed. But take nothing away from the fantastic performance by the cast.

New layout & white background as requested

Why did I change the template layout after so many years? ‘Cause many have been complaining that they get dizzy reading off the black background of the previous layout. It is but of the truth ’cause even I didn’t feel comfortable looking at my own blog then. Finally found the time to make the complete change but it took more effort than expected and I’m still not finished as this particular layout I chose is incredibly troublesome (mobile view isn’t ideal, top menu disappears, positioning of images on main page cannot be centralised or left un-stretched, the fonts aren’t standardised, lack of space for ads, resetting the SEO stuffs, etc). I expect to finish up by the end of next week and you might continue to see some sudden odd changes or failure to load up pages. Please do let me know if you have any suggestions at all on how to make your reading experience more convenient!

On Arsenal’s fucking brilliant goals against Norwich City

Arsenal EPL 2013-2014 bike race meme

Yes, if you didn’t know by now, I am a pessimistic supporter of Arsenal Football Club. But after the signing of world class play-making midfielder Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid for over 40 million, I am beginning to dream a little bit. Although the Gunners’ performance yesterday ain’t that great in overall, the goals were sexy as hell. Especially the first one, which was a team goal involving some lightning quick one-touch passes between Cazorla, Giroud and the scorer Wilshere. Seriously, that’s the sickest team goal I’ve ever seen from Arsenal.

Aaron Ramsey’s individual goal is fuckin’ delightful as well. Mad composure, reminded me of one of Nasri’s goals before he became a traitor moved to Man Shitty Manchester City. Let’s hope he’s able to keep this confidence ’cause that’s what I think that’s making him perform so well now. Ozil scored his first two ever EPL goals too in this match. It’s surprising ’cause not only that he didn’t make any assist this time, his first EPL goal was a header.

The coming weeks will be our make-or-break point as we’ll be facing tougher clubs within 20 days – Borussia Dortmund (CL), Chelsea (LC), Liverpool (EPL), Dortmund again (CL) and then Man United (EPL). Oh… fuck.

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