Carlsberg introduces Strikr BPL football app in Malaysia

Carlsberg innovative English Premier League application “Strikr” provides convenience for football fans

STRIKR BPL football appl by Carlsberg Malaysia
The weekend’s here again and as usual, you don’t know who’s playing tonight and when. Worry not, ’cause Carlsberg’s Strikr mobile application is the latest solution to this problem, with many unique twists on top of it. Not only can we browse fixtures, schedule and live scores of all Barclay Premier League (BPL) matches on this very app, users can also see the latest feeds of relevant tweets and latest news of the club we support.

There’s also a pretty cute “Tweet Possession” feature which indicates which team between the two that are going to face off soon is getting more tweet-about. The advanced algorithms of the app allows users to see the fans’ mood of the clubs as well. In the app, users can also instantly tweet and join in real-time conversation with the world to talk about match and all.

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I find the BPL’s official beer’s app highly convenient, lite and user-friendly. The only problem I have with it at the moment is the slow boot-up and loading time of some pages, but since this is only version 1.0, I expect to see updates with improvements to be made available soon. Perhaps the developers could throw in team and player statistics as well in the future.

Football with Carlsberg - Strikr app launch at The Roof First Avenue Bandar Utama

The launch of Strikr took place at a Carlsberg Malaysia football viewing party held at the latest sports bar in town, Score (The Roof, First Avenue Bandar Utama), where we watched Liverpool vs. Everton and Arsenal vs.Southampton. The atmosphere there was like no other bar I’ve ever been to. Huge ass screen, clean audio, plenty of real English lads singing and chanting before and during the games… it was just fun to watched the matches live there. The “smoking area” of the place has quite a nice view of the city. Be sure to check this bar out when you’re sick of watching at your usual spot.

Strikr is free and is now available to download on Apple and Google Play app stores, just search for ‘striker’ without the ‘e’. Users are required to connect though a Twitter account to use the app.

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