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Homefront movie still - Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder

Homefront movie poster large malaysia jason statham vs. james francoBased on: Chuck Logan’s novel “Homefront”
Rated: 18
Genre: Action thriller
Running time: 100 mins
Director: Gary Fleder
Screenplay: Sylvester Stallone
Cast: Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder, Kate Bosworth

Synopsis: Low-level DEA agent Phil Broker (Jason Statham) sees his quiet family life turned upside down when he tangles up with a band of drug traffickers, led by Gator (James Franco), a meth druglord.

Release date in Malaysia: November 28th 2013
Distributor / studio(s): Rainfilm / Millenium Films, Nu Image, Endgame Releasing

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Verdict: This film only further certifies that Sylvester Stallone can’t write a better screenplay than Rocky or First Blood. Homefront has a very slow development and buildup for a formulaic man-with-a-kid-who-wants-no-trouble-in-a-small-town all the way to the predictable end, You’d have to go through two-third of the film patiently before the typical one-man-show action finally begins, but it’s one that’s so unsatisfying that you’d probably wished that there were more non-action violent sequences as entertainment compensation, or at least to make it less dull. The antagonists are so sloppily written that even James Franco seems confused on whether he’s supposed to be a meth kingpin, an intimidating brilliant villain, a crazy junkie or someone who cares about his relatives. And Jason Statham? Well, as usual you know, being payed shitload of money to play the same kind of character over and over again.

Second opinion: My girlfriend asked me if we could walk out of the cinema before the film even reaches the midway point. “I don’t feel like watching this any longer. It’s so boring,” she said.

These few plot holes/illogical scenes are enough to make Homefront sound like stupid movie:

In the opening/prologue scene, an undercover operation almost fails just ’cause the entire SWAT team charged into the crime scene without first surrounding or securing the outside of the premise. The whole police force surrounds an armed suspect and fires at him 47 times just ’cause he reaches into his pocket. The film forgot to punish the sheriff character for collaborating with the villain, Gator (James Franco), and for attempting to help him escape at the end when being chased by the protagonist, Broker (Jason Statham). Broker’s kind black guy friend is so nice and retarded that when he notices incoming hostile bad guys, he hides until one of them goes to where he is instead of immediately alerting Broker with the truck honk, which he does later after he fights that bad guy. He gets shot practically at point black for doing so and yet survives. When Broker is alerted by the honks and gun shot, he immediately hides his daughter in a basement where she could be easily heard and seen by the bad guys outside. And instead of telling her to keep quiet, he even told her to dial 911. #facepalm

Jason Statham Homefront meme

How I would’ve ended the movie:

In the very last scene, on the bridge, after Broker beats up Gator while talking trash, he unnecessarily points the gun at Gator’s head. This gives the sheriff an excuse to fire at Broker. Just as Broker was about to put his gun away, a bullet goes through his head. Gator begins to laugh. The camera then slowly cuts to Broker’s daughter, who’s stunned in shock. Fade to black, credits roll, bad guy wins. #DarkEnding

The only good scene:

There’s a pretty good fight sequence between Jason Statham and a bad guy which surprisingly features quite a few BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) techniques. But the funny thing is that even the bad guy (who’s supposedly from a biker gang) is good at it. They were doing triangle choke to guillotine to arm bar, wow, I was impressed, I’d have to say. Too bad this is the only action sequence in the entire movie that’s worth mentioning about.

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Malaysian censorship: Although the audio seemed discontinued at certain parts where the sequences change but I don’t think anything’s cut at all at the special screening. The F-words and violence were still intact.

To pay to watch? No, unless you’re a hardcore Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone or James Franco fan, otherwise it’s just another generic action thriller that’s more boring than usual.

Rating: 1 / 5

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