Weekly update: New Beach Club KL, Ninetology All Star Basketball 2013, car fucked again

New Beach Club Kuala Lumpur media launch opening 2013

All new Beach Club Cafe Kuala Lumpur now opened for business!

There was a time when Beach Club was THE place to go to for clubbing or for some drinks before it got a bit dodgy. I remember the last time I went there was 9 years ago to watch a EURO 2004 football match. But now that old Beach Club is official closed… with a brand new one opened just a few meters away in the same area!

This new Beach Club Cafe is pretty huge and it has a way better ambiance than the old place. Plenty of dining and drinking tables, jazzed up with a small stage. They even have a bar with an aquariums above it where they have real live baby sharks swimming around (I sure hope they will be protected though). Other than that, it’s a fantastic place to go to on weekends. Awesome cover band, dancers, comedian, lady boy(s), nipples… it was all fun at the media opening launch, co-host by Carlsberg Malaysia. The only problem is how freakin’ cold the place was that night.

At the end of the night, all attendees were given a “survivor kit” for their official public opening that was on last Friday. There were vouchers and condoms in it. That’s pretty good humour.

Former NBA All Stars beaten by an Asian team assembled by MJ Life Insurance

Ninetology All Star Basketball Alumni 2013 vs. MJ Life Asia Malaysia meme

Pretty disappointed that no one has approached me to cover this event. I was a fan of basketball since I was 10 and have played for my school and Rukun Tetangga and perhaps one of the very few bloggers in Malaysia who knows these former NBA players and who’d be happy to talk about the sport. Fortunately and unfortunately, I won the tickets to the game and it was utterly disappointing. My biggest mistake was that I thought this All Star team was the same one as the US Pro-Basketball Alumni that came previously. I thought Jason Williams and Michael Finley was coming as well but later on I found out that I was misled by the image posted on Ninetology’s Facebook Page.

Almost every in terms of the organising of the event was poorly done, from the pre-game activities to the emcee/commentator to pointless break/timeout activities. Even the officials screwed up multiple occasions with the buzzer and the call for timeouts. Yes, the US team’s coach actually called for timeout and was frustrated that it wasn’t given until two possessions after. How embarrassing was that? The worst thing was that the US team did not play seriously until they were still losing in the final minutes and ultimately they did lose in the end, to an Asian team consisting of one of our very own Malaysian player.

All Dennis Rodman did in the entire game was walking around with his painted face, being lazy and just throwing souvenirs to the small crowd. I know it’s a friendly exhibition, but it’s supposed to be a basketball match for crying out loud. The only former All Star that I believe was giving it all was Latrell Sprewell. Not as explosive as he was in the NBA but still good for his age.

My car is damaged again

Car dented damaged Proton Saga Malaysia

After all that effort of getting my car patched up three months ago, it suffered practically the same damage again at the same place I parked it… but this time I don’t even know who the culprit was. It could the MBPJ contractor back for revenge or the construction vehicles that’s renovating the house after the one beside mine or just some random hit and run driver who can’t drive for peanuts. I tell you, even the kids here have more balls and sense of responsibility than the adults in here. Not long ago, my neighbour’s little boy accidentally cracked my signal light on his bike but he took the courage to come up to me to confess and apologise. And I was so moved by it that I didn’t even know how to react. Anyway, to whoever that did this, I hope you get hit and run and never find justice.

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