Album Review: New – Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney NEW album cover
Release date: October 11th 2013
Genre: Rock, electronic
Producers: Mark Ronson, Ethan Johns, Paul Epworth, Giles Martin
Writer(s): Mostly Paul McCartney himself

Track list: Save Us | Alligator | On My Way To Work | Queenie Eye | Early Days | Play New | Appreciate | Everybody Out There | Hosanna | I Can Bet | Looking At Her | Road | Turned Out (Deluxe bonus track) | Get Me Out Of Here (Deluxe bonus track) | Struggle (Japanese Deluxe bonus track)

Verdict: Sir Paul McCartney manages to stick to his roots while sounding New for the most part. Half of the album ridden me to the past where The Beatles were still rockin’ their way to the top with their pop stuffs, while the lyrics narrates me through his younger days and his loving relationship with his New wife. It’s so pleasantly distinctive that when I first heard the cute tune of the titular song in the animated film Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball 2, I actually thought it’s a remastered version of a Beatles song that I hadn’t heard of. Although there are a few slow, unconventional and unconvincingly sung songs in between, the album is largely a lighthearted retro-like bouncy delight with catchy melodies mixed with a bit of the current electronic sounds (thankfully not dubstep though). As though he hasn’t impressed enough already, the 71 year-old played 16 of the instruments for the record.

Favourite track: Other than the titular song (the most catchy song on the album), I have to pick On My Way To Work – this song just took back to those shitty days of going to work, looking at slaves after slaves like myself walking past each other, wondering the fuck I’m doing with life. Truly a song that truly brings nostalgia for me personally although it’s about McCartney’s life before The Beatles. Pretty common chord progression and riffs but the simple melody is very sing-along-able and the lyrics are thought-provoking and humourous at the same time, “On my way to work, I bought a magazine, inside a pretty girl, who liked to water-ski, she came from Chichester, she studies history, she had removed her clothes for the likes of me.”

Least favourite: Hard to pick one ’cause I dislike both Appreciate and Hosanna equally. They reminded me of the boring songs from pop star albums which I used fast forward back then when I was a kid. But wow, what a way to bring me back to my childhood memories!

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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