Classic Movie Revisit: TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY

Arnold T-800 Terminator 2 come with me if you want to live meme still

WARNING: This entry contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen this awesome film, I’d advice you to watch it first and then come back to read this awesome blog post.

This sci-fi action flick is, without a doubt, one of the most entertaining films ever made. Robot versus robot action, big guns, bad guy in police uniform, good guy in badass biker style, memorable one-liners, fuckin’ brilliant special effects – the movie was simply the bomb, and still is. Released in 1991, Terminator 2: Judgment Day was way ahead of time and had revolutionised Hollywood visual effects, a bar set so high that neither China nor Hong Kong could reach even today. The film received six Oscar nominations and won four. Although known for being bad in script-writing, James Cameron (the producer, director and co-writer of the film) is, however, truly a genius when it comes to science fiction, special effects and action sequences.

Arnold T-800 Terminator 2 arm torn skin

Arnold Schwarzenegger literally became a movie icon because of his role here as the Terminator model T-800, which was perfect for him and I highly doubt anyone else could had played it better than him. It’s only strange that not many talked about Robert Patrick’s great straight-face performance as the antagonist, T-1000. Edward Furlong’s acting as John Connor is annoyingly bad (only to me perhaps?) but fortunately it didn’t really affect the film. The ending is still a tear-jerker for me (yes, somehow, it got me tearing when I rewatched the movie earlier today). However, the film does have some notable flaws…

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Major plot holes of Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Almost all (and if not ALL) movies with time travelling as part of its plot have time paradoxes and loop holes, this film included, but fortunately even by consciously knowing all these plot holes in my mind when I was rewatching it, it didn’t hold me back from loving the movie all over again. Without further ado, here’s the list of the main loop holes of Terminator 2: Judgment Day;

  1. First let’s talk about the major paradoxes. In the first film, Kyle Reese was sent back by John Connor to protect his mother Sarah (played by Linda Hamilton) and his own existence. Reese has sex with Sarah and turns out to be his father, and that’s a paradox beyond paradox. If this is the original timeline, it’s not possible for Reese to be sent to the past by John when John shouldn’t even exist in the future until Reese travels to the past to fuck John’s mum, which is impossible to happen without John’s existence.

    Terminator Kyle Reese John Connor paradox meme still

    The same kind of paradox was needlessly created in this sequel. Miles, the man responsible for the development of Skynet (the artificial intelligence that becomes self-aware, starts the war against humans in the future and sends Terminators back in time to kill the Connors) technology, reveals that his work was all based on the microchip and arm of the T-800 from the first film, which was also sent from the future. So who actually invented Skynet and who’s John Connor’s original dad? You can’t have everything from the future without them existing in the first place.

  2. Why didn’t the future John Connor send T-800 back to save his mum AND destroy Skynet instead of only to protect himself from T-1000 (the antagonist)? How self-centred! Guess he only thinks for himself and doesn’t want to stop the war ’cause he still wants to be that important leader.
  3. Since the T-1000 is more advanced, it should know that it requires the T-800’s head (which contains the chip that runs it) to be destroyed in order to truly terminate it. But instead, it just stabs the T-800 in the power source (I assumed) and leaves him there. How can it not know that this inferior model can revive itself with an “alternate power”? Incompetence, or rather overly convenient for the movie.
  4. Why couldn’t Skynet produce and send a model that has built-in heavy firearms or weapons that are more convenient and fatal? And on top of it all, why couldn’t Skynet just send a few T-1000’s to the same period instead of just this one? In all three instalments and the TV series, they only send one at a time and it’s always to the time where it’s after the last one has failed. If they could only send one at a time, they should’ve sent it to a year where Sarah Connor was still a little girl.
  5. If destroying Cyberdyne Systems (the company which Miles work for), the arm and all microchips are supposed to change the future, why doesn’t any of them wonder why both John Connor and the T-800 still exist and why everything still happened in the end? Maybe because the T-800 forgot to also destroy his detached arm that’s left in between the gears back there in the steel mill? But logically, it’s impossible for a CPU to forget something like that. The only theory I have is that it’s not supposed to change anything for the T-800’s timeline, instead, it would create a new one from the point where he arrived to this timeline. In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, it’s vaguely implied that nothing they did could’ve prevented the war from happening and nothing Skynet did could’ve stopped John Connor from leading the Resistance in the future.

Alternate ending of Terminator 2: Judgment Day

I actually didn’t know that there was one until today and boy, am I glad that this was removed from the final cut ’cause it shouldn’t be possible for the Connors live without consequences in the US after what they did at Cyberdyne Systems and the mental hospital.

Terminator 2015 reboot

Am I pumped up about it? Although they have Arnold signed up to reprise his role and Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) confirmed to direct the film, I would have to say… fuck no, I’m not excited about it at all because I don’t see any real need to reboot the entire franchise. Lazily squeezing money out of remaking classics that are still good to watch today will always be a no-no to me. Hollywood, try remaking a movie that wasn’t successful for a change, will ya?

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