Jaya One “Classic Rock” Countdown to 2014

Fire Eaters @ Jaya One 2014 New Year Countdown

A comfortable and fun New Year’s Eve Countdown at Jaya One

It was definitely going to be a night of terrifying traffic congestion in KL with both the usual huge countdown celebrations and the TURUN protest happening, so it was perfect to be invited to a countdown party that was held at a much less crowded and closer place – Jaya One in Petaling Jaya.

The new year’s eve countdown to 2014 here was without fireworks but it was extremely comfortable with no congestion or complications of any kind, and it was pretty fun, thanks to the light entertainment acts all lined up by Jaya One. Although the theme of the night was named Classic Rock, there were live music of other genres and eras, along with dance, solo violin and “fire-eating” performances. To live up to the theme, I felt that they should’ve at least played a song by each of the bigger icons of rock like The Beatles, Elvis Presley, David Bowie and Led Zeppelin, but that’s a bit too niche for the crowd there perhaps. Good job nonetheless by the two bands of night (apologies, can’t quite recall their names), really enjoyed it. The party ended with happy party people dancing together to the music and doing the choo-choo train in front of the stage.

Sponsors of the night were Chulo Restaurant, who provided the food and beer for the media, and both Starbucks and Gazo who gave away the lucky draw prizes worth over RM7,000. Winners for the Best Dress contest, however, was unfortunately not announced presumably due to time constraint.

Some photos from the party (point with mouse cursor to view caption):

Performers for Jaya One 2014 New Year Countdown

Kelly Siew & friends feat. Melissa Seow @ Jaya One 2014 New Year Countdown

Fire Eaters @ Jaya One 2014 New Year Countdown

ColourlessOpinions.com at Jaya One 2014 New Year Countdown

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Someone actually recorded some of performances from the night and uploaded to YouTube:

Anyway, happy New Year, people. As to my fellow Malaysians, let us all welcome the price hikes and GST with open arms… ha-ha-haaaaaaaa.

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