Coming Very Soon: ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ & ‘Haunt’; ‘Oldboy’ Malaysia release cancelled

300 rise of an empire & Haunt release Malaysia

‘300: Rise of an Empire’ & ‘Haunt’ hit Malaysian cinemas on March 6th

THIS IS SPARTAN! Awww yeaaa, our wait for the prequel-sequel of the awesome corny no-brainer action flick with revolutionary visual effects is finally over. It will be released next week by 20th Century Fox at all cinemas nationwide, coming in IMAX 3D format as well!

Check out 300: Rise of an Empire‘s latest trailer:

If BC period epic action flicks ain’t your thing, perhaps an old-skool haunted house horror is? Haunt had a limited release last year and have so far receive mostly positive reviews, saying that it’s cliched but has its own refreshing ideas (thanks to the first-time director perhaps). When a seemingly generic horror flick doesn’t get bashed, you’d know it’s not going to be that bad. The film will be released by GSC Movies on the same day as 300: Rise of an Empire nationwide.

Check out Haunt‘s trailer (doesn’t look impressive, I know, but I’m tempted by the reviews):

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‘Oldboy’ 2013 Hollywood remake will not release on Malaysian big screens

Remember that time NEF postponed their release of Oldboy a couple of times without official announcements or reply to enquiries regarding to it (read it here)? Well, much to my surprise, the film is now completely not going to be released in Malaysia. It could very much be because of the reviews and the local censorship. But not that many of us would care considering that it can be watched online now.

I’ve seen it and yeah, as expected, it sucks. Good attempt, but still sucks. Instead of trying to improve it or bring something completely different to the table, Spike Lee had his hands full trying to convert the role of Asian culture of the film to Western, which made the film even more dull. The ending is shockingly un-shocking. Ultimately, they should never have remade the masterpiece in the first place. The only reason to watch this remake after the original Korean film is the small sex scene, damn, Elizabeth Olsen is pretty.

Stay tuned for my review on these films (except of Oldboy).
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