Movie Review: Golden Chickensss (Golden Chicken 3, HK film)

Golden Chickensss (Golden Chicken 3) movie still - Shawn Yue gropes Sandra Ng's breasts! -【金雞sss】余文樂客串電車癡漢 熊抱吳君如

‘Golden Chickensss’ (Golden Chicken 3) does not only offer obscene gags, Matt Chow does Samson Chiu proud

I understand the first two Golden Chicken instalments are award-winning films but I have seen neither one of them so this review will be based on this sequel itself without comparing with its predecessors. I’m not sure if it’s similar to the previous films but I have to say that Golden Chickensss, otherwise known as Golden Chicken 3, is one of the smartest Chinese New Year comedy I’ve seen from Hong Kong since… the Golden Era? Okay, let’s just say none of them were as memorable.

Presumably, this sequel is set years after Golden Chicken 2 (2003) where the main character of the franchise, Kam (Sandra Ng), is now a “madam” in the highly competitive prostitution business in Hong Kong, managing and procuring high-end “chickens” (it means prostitutes in Chinese) with value-added caring services for middle-class and wealthy customers through today’s modern communications technology such as social media and convenient mobile applications. One day, Kam’s old crush, Gordon (Nick Cheung), who’s a triad boss, is released from prison after many years and still thinks that gangsters still rule streets. With Gordon being so hopeful of rebuilding his triad empire, Kam finds herself in a situation where she has to gradually help Gordon adapt to the new era without hurting his “big brother” pride.

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Even by just reading the brief synopsis above, it’s pretty clear that Golden Chickensss is unlike the typical, rushed, cheap Chinese festive comedies, it has themes like self-improvement, adapting to changes and trends in the modern society, business advances of other countries and perhaps more, with a bit of political satire. The protagonist Kam alone can be a symbol of survival through entrepreneurship in Hong Kong. The humour may be a bit to sexual in most parts that might be distasteful for the older audience but at least it doesn’t try too hard with lame “mou lei tao” (Chinese slapstick) humour that’s no longer as effective as during Hong Kong’s golden era. Hilarious first half, slightly more serious second. It’s tough to follow Samson Chiu’s writing and directing of the previous instalments but Matt Chow Hai did just fine. If it wasn’t for the festive season, I could feel that Chow would’ve ended it with a slightly sadder and more realistic ending instead.

While Sandra Ng’s fake double D’s are just a promotional gimmick for the movie, I can totally understand why Sandra Ng was nominated and had won awards for her role as Kam. However, the star of this sequel is definitely Ivana Wong, who proves that she’s not only talented in music. Wong’s daring performance as Voodoo, a hyperactive and deliberately disgusting-looking unorthodox prostitute, takes the craziness to another level. The other minor prostitute characters are delightful eye candies, like the pretty Michelle Wai and Jinny Ng whose presence steal almost every scene they’re in. And as usual, it’s always fun to see the surprise cameo appearances by the other well known Hong Kong celebrities. Perhaps the most pleasantly ridiculous one is Donnie Yen’s, who here parodies his own household titular character, Ip Man. Stay back for a while when the credits roll, you might also want to see the cameo appearance of Hong Kong’s “Chief Executive” *wink*

Golden Chickensss (Golden Chicken 3) movie still meme - Sandra Ng, Michelle Wai, Jinny Ng and other girls HK prostitutes

What I would’ve named the film: “Transitioning from the Golden Era with Chickies”

Censorship in Malaysia: Disappointingly, it’s quite heavily censored, to a point that its release here is pushed to the second week of Chinese New Year. I believe at least one of two scenes are completely removed, the most obvious one being the indicated blowjob experience in Japan. There’s no nudity, it’s already classified as “18”, and yet it’s cut. Good job once again, film censorship board LPF, for not treating us like grownups.

Second opinion: My girlfriend thought that it was quite funny and that the Chinese will definitely find it nice.

Verdict: More than just a Chinese New Year comedy. One of the better CNY films in recent years BUT… not quite suitable to be watched with family.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Golden Chickensss  (Golden Chicken 3) movie poster malaysia release sandra ngChinese title: 金雞SSS (Gam Gai’sss)
Country / language: Hong Kong / Cantonese
Rated: 18

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 91 minutes
Director-writer: Matt Chow
Cast: Sandra Ng, Nick Cheung, Ivana Wong, Eason Chan, Michelle Wai, Jinny Ng, Louis Koo, Chapman To, Ronald Cheng, Edison Chen, Fiona Sit, Tony Leung Kar Fai, Anthony Wong, Andy Lau and more!

Malaysia Release Date: February 6th 2014
Local Distributor: GSC Movies
Studio(s): One Cool Film Production, Treasure Island Production

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