UFC Fight Night 36: Almost as boring as NBA All Star Saturday

Machida vs. Ortiz UFC

The first UFC event to feature two (best individual) Performance of the Night bonuses that have replaced Knockout and Submission of the Night honours but ironically, almost every bout on this night was fucking boring. All 7 undercard bouts went to decision, the main card was only a slight improvement. Guess the fighters were motivated to “perform well” but not to finish.

The crowd was booing during many bouts and so was I, while watching the NBA All Star Saturday, which would’ve been equally dull if it wasn’t because of the funny commentators and former all-stars. The new slam dunk contest format was more idiotic than the changes made on this night in the UFC.

Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida outclasses Gegard Mousasi

It was Lyoto Machida’s first Middleweight fight dropping from Heavy Middleweight and still he manages to impress. The fight finally warmed up towards the end of the second round where Machida begun to find his comfort and range, using his change of stance and sudden explosive mixed-style combinations offensively. He was doing one-two-head kicks, spinning Karate kicks, even intimidating fakes as though he’s going to attack, but he wasn’t… and then he’d burst into a small combination again. It was just simply difficult to predict when he’s coming, and that’s what Machida do best. He scores and scores, tactical and yet it looks so effective from a martial arts point of view.

Dutchman Mousasi connected quite a number of times didn’t seem to be significant enough to do any damage. The fight was relatively dictated by his Brazilian opponent. He was even taken down by Machida in one of the rounds with a casual trip. And the end of the championship round (fifth round), Mousasi’s face looked more damaged as well. Ultimately an easy decision for the judges.

Francis Carmont didn’t seem fit and didn’t do shit, and yet Ronaldo Souza couldn’t finish

Seriously, the French (Carmont) looked to be already tired halfway through the second round and he was dominated on the ground, giving away his back to his Brazilian opponent practically the entire bout. Though he managed to survive a couple of rear naked chokes, the judges scorecard was obviously only going to go one way at the end. This fight is pretty much like most of the other bouts, unexciting.

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Erick Silva easily beats Takenori Sato while showcasing cool new move

Erick Silva hasn’t had a winning streak yet in the UFC. He wins, then he losses, then he wins, then he losses. He lost to Korean Kim Dong-Hyun in his previous fight at UFC Fight Night 29, and today he defeated to the Japanese debutant Takenori Sato. Silva hurt Sato within seconds of the first round with a kick that caught the Japanese’s stomach seemingly with his toes. Sato went to survival mode and grabbed on a single leg but this allowed Silva to showcase a rather unusual but cool technique – hopping and hitting Sato’s head with the back heel of his other leg. If his opponent wasn’t hurt (or was a more experienced fighter), I think the hopping would’ve made him more vulnerable to be taken down on that single leg. Sato had no choice but to let go and turtle up and wait for the ref to stop the contest.

Although Sato’s an undefeated King of Pancrase Welterweight champion, I don’t think it was right for the UFC to pair him up against an experienced UFC fighter like Silva, no matter how desperate they were when Silva’s actual opponent, a veteran, Nate Loughran pulled out due to injury. Great performance by Silva nonetheless, hopefully he’d win his next fight, whoever that may be.

The night was perhaps a bit underwhelming but thankfully for the home crowd, their heroes on the main card prevail handsomely.

UFC Fight Night 36: Machida vs. Mousasi  – Full Results

Fight of The Night: Lyoto Machida vs. Gegard Mousasi
Performance of the Night: Erick Silva and Charles Oliveira


Middleweight: Lyoto Machida def. Gegard Mousasi | Decision (unanimous) | 5 rounds
Middleweight: Ronaldo Souza def. Francis Carmont | Decision (unanimous) | 3 rounds
Welterweight: Erick Silva def. Takenori Sato | KO (punches) | R1 0:52
Welterweight: Nicholas Musoke def. Viscardi Andrade | Decision (unanimous) | 3 rounds
Featherweight: Charles Oliveira def. Andy Ogle | Submission (triangle choke) | R3 2:40


Lightweight: Joe Proctor def. Cristiano Marcello | Decision (unanimous) | 3 rounds
Lightweight: Rodrigo Damm def. Ivan Jorge | Decision (unanimous) | 3 rounds
Lightweight: Francisco Trinaldo def. Jesse Ronson | Decision (split) | 3 rounds
Bantamweight: Iuri Alcântara def. Wilson Reis | Decision (split) | 3 rounds
Featherweight: Felipe Arantes def. Maximo Blanco | Decision (unanimous) | 3 rounds
Welterweight: Ildemar Alcântara def. Albert Tumenov | Decision (split) | 3 rounds
Featherweight: Zubaira Tukhugov def. Douglas Silva de Andrade | Decision (unanimous) | 3 rounds

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