Ikal Mayang – Unspoken Truths: Women stories unveiled

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With Unspoken Truths (Terpendam), Ikal Mayang is aspired to inspire women, but it’s not as easy in Malaysia

In conjunction with the International Women’s Day (7th of March 2014), the second instalment of WOMEN:girls’ Ikal Mayang entitled Unspoken Truths / Terpendam: Biar Pecah Di Perut, Jangan Pecah Di Mulut was announced and screened to the media at GSC Signature Gardens Mid Valley. The film, presented by Garang Pictures and Big EyEs Entertainment, comprises 6 stories written and directed by 6 different women from different South East Asian countries. Besides this anthology, Ikal Mayang also showcased ten 2-minute shorts during the event, directed by women of various ages from the Asian region.

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Most of the films were based on the writers/directors’ own personal experiences and each one of them explores its own themes: sexuality, language, religion, women heroism, relationships, unjustifiable laws and more. The purpose is to simple get women voices to be heard and understood, and to encourage and inspire all women and girls to not fear and just speak up and express themselves regardless of the stereotypes and social norms. However, apparently no mainstream TV channel has picked any of the films up yet, even when the contents were offered for free to be broadcast as public service announcements, and some of the shorts were completely banned in Malaysia. To me, this just shows how “progressive” our “soon-to-be developed” nation is.

Ikal Mayang Unspoken Truths Terpendam directors at GSC Signature Mid Valley Gardens screeningThe shorts do not have a conventional structure like in most mainstream films, and most of them end quite abruptly, but they’re unique, thought-provoking, educational, and some of them, to me, even have the potential to be adapted into a full length movie. Most importantly, each of them represent a woman/girl’s voice but regardless of whatever, they deserved to be heard equally.

Also in support of the cause were musicians Zee Avi, who played at the private screening on the next day at Pavilion KL, and Yuna, who wrote the orginal theme song Sayang.

Although the Unspoken Truths may not be on any local screen (yet?), you can watch the 2-minute shorts on Ikal Mayang’s YouTube channel. Here’s one of the few that were completely banned from public viewing, entitled Haus (Thirst) by Nora Nabila:

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