Movie Review: Need For Speed

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Sexy cars & cool action scenes can’t compensate Need For Speed’s complete lack of originality & intelligence

Need For Speed adds to the long list of terrible movie adaptations based on video games. The only thing that sets them apart is film’s very good-looking action scenes with great cinematography. That, however, is not quite enough to make up for everything else that’s lacking or just wrong. It’s meant to be a no-brainer fun flick but when they disregard hobos and take irresponsibility too lightly, it makes the movie one step lower than brainless.

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The story was by John (FlightReal Steel) and George Gatins, with the screenplay by George, who has never written for any film before this. It’s basically about protagonist Tobey Marshall (played by Aaron Paul) who gets wrongfully charged for man-slaughtering one of his best friends in an unnecessary street race which somehow the police couldn’t find a single witness or have any street surveillance camera to prove that there was a third car involved (they were racing on city streets in the day for crying out loud). When he’s released from prison, he has only one thing in mind, which is to take “revenge” by racing again in another illegal race, which is a popular annual competition which somehow the authorities just couldn’t put a stop to.

Seriously, this movie has one of the most formulaic and predictable dumb plots ever in film history, with loose ends, annoying plot holes, laughable cliches and yawn-inviting, cheesy dialogues. All of this was put to life by Scott Waugh (Act of Valor), who doesn’t have a good track record in directing yet. It has the beginning of 2Fast2Furious and the rest is similar to Tokyo Drift, but to even compare to the Fast and Furious franchise is like a compliment to this film doesn’t even deserve. The car action scenes may seem cool and gritty, with awesome first person view race sequences just like in the game but with “better graphics”. However, when it comes to the end of each race or chase, it fails to indicate or convey why this character was able to catch up to the guy in front. Come on, at least the cars in Fast and Furious have NOS. Perhaps the most pointless scene of the film is where the characters refuel the car while its moving. It shows nothing but pure stupidity.

Need for Speed aaron paul meme

Aaron Paul may a lot of fans from the popular TV series Breaking Bad but he may not gain any new mature ones here, as his performance is limited by the film’s horrible script. Imogen Poots’ presence as the British car broker Julia Maddon may be charming, without even showing much skin, but her on-screen chemistry with Paul is just not there. The rest of the main cast who plays the protagonist’s buddies look like boy band One Direction, performing in Westlife’s music video of their rendition of Uptown Girl. The black character just has to be the comic relief, and hey, another cliche right there.

What I would’ve named the film: “Need For Cliches”

Censorship in Malaysia: Doesn’t seem like there’s anything to cut at all. There’s hardly even a cleavage or an F-bomb.

Second opinion: My girlfriend said that although it’s pretty (retarded), she liked the car chase scenes and the “cute guys” in the movie.

Verdict: Discounted Fast and Furious with extreme cheesiness and cliches. Awesome seeing these sexy cars in live action but still far from being as fun as playing the games itself.

Rating: 1.5 / 5

Need for Speed 2014 movie poster malaysiaBased on: Video game franchise “Need For Speed”
Rated: 18
Genre: Action
Running Time: 130 minutes
Director: Scott Waugh
Screenplay by: George Gatins
Cast: Aaron Paul, Chillie Mo, Dominic Cooper

Malaysia Release Date: March 13th 2014
Local Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures Malaysua
Studio(s): Touchstone Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures, Reliance Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Bandito Brothers


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