Last Saturday: P1 – Rakuten GET Seminar & TuneTalk CNY Dinner

Once again due to time constraint, I’ll have to share about two events on a single post. Haven’t done this for a while as you can see, activity blogging about movies alone are already quite a handful for me, which is why I hardly attend events these days that aren’t within my interest.

Anyway I was invited to two events last Saturday (23 Feb), neither provided with a press release so I’m just gonna summarise whatever I can recall.

P1 & Rakuten Going e-Commerce Today (GET) Seminar

Masaya Ueno - P1 & Rakuzen GET Seminar

I thought I was going to be learning some general stuffs and crucial beginner tips about e-commerce at this event but in overall, it felt more like a brand presentation and sales pitch disguised as a seminar. Nevertheless, I got learn a lot about Rakuten, which can be a huge alternate retail and exposure option for those who are planning to sell or are already selling products online.

Masata Ueno, CEO of Rakuten Malaysia was present at the event to deliver his keynote entitled “Bringing Malaysian Business Online”. Rakuten is Japan’s largest “online shopping mall” which allows merchants to open their own store on the site at a fixed annual fee and sell to their millions of users. They are now in Malaysia as well and if their traffic is as high as I would like to believe, the fee is probably justifiable (if I remember correctly, the cheapest plan is around RM1,000 or so). If you’re interested, find out more on their official website.

Perhaps the most educational and entertaining keynote was from Johannz Ooi of Heppiface (a social media marketing solution provider), who engagingly shared some basics and interesting methods of Facebook marketing. If you’re hoping to run a Facebook campaign for your brand or business but not quite sure how to, you can make an appointment with them and see what they can offer.

And if you’re considering on getting or changing hosted voice solution provider, you might want to check out P1 BizVoice Hosted.

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TuneTalk gives back to dealers, offering fantastic perpetuity returns

Jason Lo at TuneTalk CNY Dinner 2014

Jason Lo’s music career may have been a past but if he wasn’t the CEO of TuneTalk today, he probably should consider being a standup comedian. Every time he goes up on stage and talk, man, it’s fucking hilarious. But then again it’s probably only funny because he’s a CEO. Which other CEO of a big company would spontaneously criticise and make fun of his competitors and his own corporate’s affiliates and activities in front of the media? No one else, I believe. He’s the’s the new-age cool boss that you’d probably hope to work with.

But enough about him, let’s talk about what I learnt at TuneTalk’s CNY Dinner for their dealers which strangely, the MMA community and bloggers like myself were invited as well. They were giving away mad rewards to their dealers on that night, likes trips to oversea, tens of thousands in cash, Rolex watches, prepaid top-ups and VIP number SIM cards.

They also announced that dealers will receive at least RM5 perpetuity for every active TuneTalk subscriber they get. Meaning if a dealer sells a SIM card or converts a mobile user to TuneTalk and then remains active (top-up at least RM30 every month), the dealer will receive RM5 every month until the user becomes inactive. That’s crazy. Imagine if you managed to get 1,000 active TuneTalk users… that’s RM5,000 every month for you. Mobile dealers, what’re you waiting? Don’t miss out! Be sure to contact TuneTalk to find out more.

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