Movie Review: The Other Woman (2014 – Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz)

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Chick flick The Other Woman is amusing at the beginning, but morally incorrect in overall

The film does have a simple but interesting premise whereby three women who’re cheated by the same man meet up to comfort each other at first before deciding to plot a revenge, but unfortunately besides the decent laughs in the first half, the story doesn’t fully realise its potential to inspire women the right way or to provoke a new mindset. Simply put, it’s okay funny but it’s actually quite wrong. It’s the type that most critics would definitely not enjoy but they’re perhaps right to suggest that something more were expected from this instead of going for the outright mainstream chick flick approach, which easily sells to general audience.

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First of all, I’d like to applaud Leslie Mann’s great performance as Kate, the overly dependent and talkative wife of Mark, who’s been secretly having affairs with a few other girls. Her exaggerated emotional-breakdowns and drunk behaviour are so convincing and hilarious, she practically carried the entire first half of the film. Cameron Diaz’s role as the professional corporate woman Carly Whitten, who’s also one of Mark’s victim, is pretty straightforward and it suits Diaz’s acting style perfectly. While Kate Upton’s gorgeously boobacious presence is much delight for most men’s eyes and pants, her role as the young and hot but bimbo-ish Amber is limited with very little character development and screen time. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as the man-antagonist Mark King is just right as well. Nicki Minaj’s minor role as Lydia, well, she just keeps us wondering what she stuffs in her blouse and bottom.

So the performance of the cast is generally very good, so they are not to be blamed for the downsides of the film. It is indeed quite hilarious at the beginning, even for me, a dude, but later on it just feels too long and the characters get a little too annoying and predictable. Like the structure of most films of this genre, it has to have a part where it’s sad or tragic where the characters split up due to an argument, and then get back together in the end for the final act, but here it’s too forced with little bridging to it and they resolve too easily as well. The movie also has character inconsistencies, like for example; if alcohol consumption could make Kate go so uncontrollably wild, why wouldn’t it make her tell her husband that she knows he’s cheating on her? And what makes them think that they can trust someone like Amber, whom they know is empty up there, to act suspiciously or accidentally spill their secret plan out when with Mark?

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What I didn’t like the most is that the story doesn’t end by conveying any genuine moral message, or rather none that I’d approve of at least. And without that, it makes the film very one-dimensional. In the story, Carly was dating multiple guys at the same time before she decides to break it all off after meeting Mark, and then she goes on to plan a revenge on Mark with the other two girls, and no informing the rest of the girls they find later who’s also being cheated on. A little more spoiler from here onwards if you don’t mind; Carly ends up with Kate’s “hot” brother despite him knowing that she has slept with his sister’s husband before. And Amber, the youngest among the three, ends up with Carly’s father. So the film basically tells us that men shouldn’t cheat, but it’s okay for girls to do whatever the hell they want in relationships? This is worse than a fairy tale. Why can’t the film end with the girls meeting with someone ordinary and nice, instead of handsome or rich (but much older)? The brutal ending for Mark might be satisfying enough for general female audience, but I’m sure the more mature ones would’ve expected something more than just that.

What I would’ve named the film: “Revenge of Women with Typical Western Mindset”

Censorship in Malaysia: Fortunately, Katy Upton’s boobs in bikini are not covered with mosaic like in the trailer. However, most of the scenes with the characters making out are cut.

Second opinion: My girlfriend, too, finds the movie okay at the beginning and boring from midway point onwards, saying that it’s draggy.

Verdict: A watchable chick flick, thanks to the cheap humour and great performance by Leslie Mann in the first half, and second half… Kate Upton’s body alone. But too bad, it’s nothing more than that.

Rating: 2 / 5

The Other Woman 2014 movie poster malaysiaRated: 18
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 109 minutes
Director: Nick Cassavetes
Screenwriter: Melissa Stack
Cast: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Nicki Minaj, Don Johnson

Malaysia Release Date: May 1st 2014
Local Distributor: 20th Century Fox Malaysia
Studio: BLI Productions

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