Movie Review: Blended (2014 – Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore)

Blended 2014 movie still - Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore Africa family picture

A rom-com Blended with brainless humour, typical cliches and bad American parenting

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore reunite on big screen again, and for the first time with director Frank Coraci, who directed their first film together The Wedding Singer (1998), in this very Adam-Sandler comedy that also features parents and kids, just like his previous films Grown Ups and maybe the others in between as well, that I didn’t bother watching. And just like Grown Ups, it’s filled with gross-out, random and one-liner jokes that’s… okay, slightly funnier than the ones in those movies.

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This typical 3-act structured romance comedy is about a “blending” of two person who each initially thought that they’re definitely not right for each other. Jim (Sandler), who has 3 daughters, meets Lauren (Barrymore), who’s recently divorced and now taking care of 2 sons, on a miserable blind date with no intention of seeing each other ever again. They bump into each other at a store and end up in a vacation together in Africa with their kids. Despite their differences, they backup each other and solve each other’s children problems and slowly find that them together ain’t that bad.

Sounds very familiar already? But that’s expected, isn’t it? Both critics and audience in the US have been panning this film, which I agree they should, but at least the humour here is not daring without purpose like in previous Sandler films, and at least I laughed at some of them. And there’s a great new environment, set at the beautiful, fun and exciting (but surprisingly not very wild) rich hotel in Africa (that’s not very competent apparently). Does the movie have any defining or impactful moments? No, but it’s watchable and okay-funny half of the time. It does have a couple of passable sweet moments and some moral values about being judgmental and hypocritical, but all that almost got completely contradicted by some bad parenting and advice by the characters.

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Sandler and Barrymore’s performance are, you know, practically them being themselves. None of the kid actors really stand out. Shaquille O’Neil’s in a few scenes as cameo just like in Grown Ups 2 (2013) but doesn’t really add much value to the movie. The only one that’s really worth mentioning is Terry Crew, who plays the hilarious Nickens, the frontman of the hotel band with provocative moves and lyrics.

What I would’ve named the film: “The Sandler-Barrymore Trilogy: Now With Kids”

Censorship in Malaysia: Middle fingers and animal sex have mosaics.

Second opinion: My girlfriend felt that it’s “cheesy but cute”.

Verdict: Surprisingly not an utter disaster. Slight improvement by Adam Sandler of the same shit from the Grown Ups films.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Blended 2014 movie poster malaysia adam sandler drew barrymoreRated: P13
Genre: Romance comedy
Running Time: 117 minutes
Director: Frank Coraci
Screenwriters: Clare Sera, Ivan Menchell
Cast: Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler, Bella Thorne

Malaysia Release Date: June 12th 2014
Local Distributors: Warner Bros. Pictures Malaysia
Studios: Happy Madison, Gulfstream Pictures, Karz Entertainment

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