Tune Hotel KLIA2 – Pyjama Party #RoomerHasIt

Melissa Indot performing at Tune Hotels KLIA2 Pyjama Party #RoomerHasIt

New Tune Hotel in KLIA2 host party for bloggers and contest winners in pyjamas

The papers apparently reported over 200 #RoomerHasIt contest winners were at this event, but the truth is that it was mostly us, the bloggers, who were enjoying all the goodies. It was a pyjama party, zZzZzz, but thank goodness Melissa Indot came rocking the slow-starting party with an electrifying performance. The other local celebrity that graced the stage was internet music sensation Elizabeth Tan, who serenaded us with her sexy voice over jazzed-up acoustic covers.

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Tune Hotels KLIA2 Pyjama Party #RoomerHasIt

Bean bags, buffet, free-flow, live music performances and activities with prizes were in store for the fun, comfy night-out organised by Tune Hotels. This event actually happened a few weeks ago but I was too busy these days (as you can see, even my movie reviews come way slower than it used it).

Pretty young bloggers and chicks at Tune Hotels KLIA2 Pyjama Party #RoomerHasIt

The blogger chicks (Yeeing and Iris) at the party! One of the reasons why old men like myself still like to attend brand campaign events like this.

Tune Hotels KLIA2 Pyjama Party #RoomerHasIt

Free caricature services and free Instagram instand print-outs were provided for the whole night. Pretty common these days at events but still very fun features to have.

Free food, can’t resist them. Eat ’em, eat ’em all till the leftovers turn cold.

Large size Jenga & winner at Tune Hotels KLIA2 Pyjama Party #RoomerHasIt

There were also a human-size Jenga for attendees to play with and activities with prizes to be won. The uncle (right image above) in Japanese pyjama took home best dressed honour after posing a sexy geisha pose.

Tune Hotel KLIA2 review

It’s perhaps the largest and best-looking Tune Hotels branch I’ve ever been to. This no-frills hotel has a large hangout area, which the party was held at, and the interior of the entire place is kept simple and yet elegantly adorable and seemingly futuristic.

Tune Hotel KLIA2 room pictures photos

The room I got did seem a little smaller or narrower than the one I had in Kota Damansara, I’m not entirely sure, but it’s comfortable, clean and more importantly, affordable at a strategic location. If you’re going to be at KLIA2, you need a simple nice place to just stay over the night, Tune Hotel KLIA2 could be one of your options.

Tune Hotels KLIA2 room pictures photos

Photo credits to Iris (kuromeowiie.com).
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