Back from hiatus

Dear beloved friends, media agencies, companies, readers & haters,

I have returned from my bereavement leave and will begin blogging again, hopefully as active as I used to be.

However, while I know most of you are only interested in my movie reviews, I have decided to start trying to blog more about other stuff. I feel that I have already made a difference in how movies should be appreciated, at least within the blogosphere (please credit and link to the blog post the next time you’re “borrowing” my work or are “inspired” by it), and now I hope to make a difference for other things as well.

Regardless, I will still review movies, but probably just not as much anymore. Perhaps only the ones I’d feel like promoting or bashing. I thank you GSC, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox and TGV for keeping me in the loop of their releases despite knowing that I am a very critical, honest and casual movie critic. And I thank YOU, readers, if it wasn’t for you, I would’ve closed this blog up a long time ago.

Tony Teh
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