Kakiseni International Arts Festival 2014 turns Pavilion KL into Arts Wonderland

Kakiseni International Arts Festival 2014 media launch group photo

Brilliant local & international work of art and performances showcased in Kuala Lumpur

Entomo y Otros performed in the Black Box

Kakiseni International Arts Festival 2014, presented by Prudential Assurance, brought Art to the People indeed last weekend until Malaysia Day (12 – 16 September) at Pavilion KL. When we say art, it doesn’t necessarily only mean paintings. At the festival, a diverse range of artistic expression were showcased, which included music, theater, lyrical poetry and street performances from award-winning international acts and local artists. It was a real eye opener for me.

art work display at kakiseni international arts festival 2014

When I first read the invitation, I was like, I don’t remember any Black Box at the centre court of the mall. I was right, I guess, there wasn’t. But organisers actually built a Black Box there as the theater for some of the performances. There were artworks displayed outside of it and many other great acts were performed around the mall simultaneously. During the media launch, the award-winning Spanish contemporary dance entitled Entomo y Otros (Entomo and the Other) was performed in the Black Box for the media.

It was actually my first time watching a contemporary dance performance such as this and it was really compelling and intriguing from beginning to the end. The way they expressed the story through their choreography and fully committed theatrical action were just so powerful. The final act was just unbelievable, with almost no real beat as the timing to follow, the two dancers was able to simply to synchronise each other’s movements perfectly. No wonder why has it won so many awards. Simply amazing,

“Entomo y Otros”

Entomo Y Otros Elías Aguirre & Álvaro Esteban

Performed By: Elías Aguirre & Álvaro Esteban
Show length: 45 minutes

This contemporary urban Spanish dance performance comprises three different pieces, Antípodas, Longfade and Entomo. The dance duet evolves from motionless creatures, bursting out of a chrysalis becoming human insects combating for territorial space.

The performance is composed of three different pieces; Antípodas, Longfade and Entomo. Each piece is unique, combined as one seamless performance of human exploration into the minds of insectoids.

Antípodas: Motionless creature, caught in its own fears, trying to learn to fly, to walk, to interact with the environment, but always hidden. Blind screams in the middle of nowhere.

Longfade: Spinoza has a body that is conflicted, that is poisoned. This situation is prolonged in time enough to cause changes in the body’s physical essence and appearance. He comes to learn to live poisoned; the rest of his life will be a repercussion of the time he became poisoned. He will never leave the poisoning process, he will get stronger endless in this state. Any action out of that state will only occur to die. Finally he departs.

Entomo: Where insects and humans come together. Through a magnifying glass we can observe the relation in between two small creatures.Maybe humans, maybe insects. Territoriality, the constant fight to conquest empty spaces, actually meaningless.
A duet where contemporary and urban dance mix their own technique to create an animal and insect movement.

Entomo Y Otros Elías Aguirre & Álvaro Esteban

• 1st Prize at the Certamen Internacional Burgos-New York 2010.
• 1st Prize at the VII Certamen Iberoamericano de Coreografía Alicia Alonso CIC’2010.
• Premiered at the Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid 2009:
– Audience Prize
– Conservatory of Dance Prize

After 4 years and more than 100 performances, this show is still touring internationally all over the world.

Elías Aguirre & Álvaro Esteban (Spain):
Elías Aguirre & Álvaro Esteban are two amazing Spanish choreographers who masters in mass dance movement. Entomo, an internationally prized piece explores the theme of territoriality, is the first collaboration between Elias and Alvaro.

Source: http://festival.kakiseni.com/entomo-y-otros/

On Malaysia Day, the festival went onto the streets for a parade which saw the festival performers, human sized puppets, Orang Asli Mah Meri, Orang-orang Drum Theatre and Poetry Cafe KL marching down Bukit Bintang along with the public.

The theme for this year was Making a Difference and one of the highlights of the festival was The Listening Tree where messages of artistic pursuits written down by children and adolescents from vulnerable communities were placed for the public to take a look and if it was possible, to make a pledge through volunteering, coaching or even donating used musical instruments. For every pledge received, Prudential had committed themselves to match it monetarily.

Made a difference, the festival did, at least for me as I’ve never thought I’d enjoy performing arts such as Entomo y Otros and now, although I probably still don’t see myself doing any work of art, I’d definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more performances like this again. I’m glad I attended the event.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend all the other days of the festival but looking at the photos (#kakisenifest and #senimad), it seems that I’ve missed out a lot of fun. With their awesome adaptations of Alice’s rabbit, Kakiseni had successfully turned the shopping mall into a wonderland of art, and all that was needed for the public to do to experience it was to enter “the rabbit hole” (Pavilion KL) during the festival.

For those of you who’re interested in checking out more arts and performances, visit Kakiseni.com to see the events that are happening every month.

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