Movie Review: Horrible Bosses 2 (2014) Bateman, Day, Suidekis

shower buddy selfie Horrible Bosses 2 still

The trio are back being hilariously but repetitively stupid

From wanting to kill their own bosses to “kidnaping” a successful entrepreneur’s son, Nick-Kurt-Dale return in a rather forced misadventure but funny nonetheless. After the events of the first film, the three buddies launch their own product named Shower Buddies in attempt to be their own bosses but due to their gullibility and lack of business acumen, they are conned by a successful entrepreneur Burt Hanson (Christoph Waltz) into having a half a million dollar debt. Without any better idea, they plan to kidnap Burt’s son Rex (Chris Pine) and get random to save their business.

The three lead actors reprise their roles and their chemistry and comedic timing are just as good, if not better, than in the first film. Jason Bateman (Identity ThiefArrested Development TV series) plays Nick, a typical role that Bateman seems to always play in his acting career, the smarter and more critical character to reflect and point out just how dumb his two best friends tend to be. Charlie Dale (Pacific Rim) plays Dale, the married but clueless one who just can’t help but to speak his mind out loud all the time. Jason Sudeikis (We’re the Millers, Saturday Night Live TV program) plays Kurt, the one who always follows up others’ words while changing his sides to whomever that he thinks make sense. The trio are all hilariously stupid as hell with each of their respective personality clashing while compensating one another. It’s difficult not to be tickled by these fellows when they’re together in a scene.

Christoph Waltz Chris Pine Horrible Bosses 2 still

The trio are joined by the surprisingly funny Chris Pine (Jack Ryan: Shadow RecruitStar Trek reboot films), who plays Rex, the cunning son of the heartless wealthy business man Burt Hanson played by Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds) who joins his Django Unchained co-star Jamie Foxx, who reprises his cameo role “Motherfucker” Jones. Both of these Oscar-winning actors, Waltz and Foxx, are definitely wasted in such a film. The NG films are shown during the closing credits and Waltz don’t seem that enthusiastic with his role and is such a perfectionist, he only had one bad take during production. Jennifer Aniston (Friends TV series) and Kevin Spacey, too, reprise their roles as Dr. Julia and David respectively. Aniston, who co-starred in We’re the Millers with Sudeikis, has more screen time than in the first film as the hot seductive sex addict, which I can’t complain, while Spacey’s cameo appearance is just as gold as his scenes in the House of Cards TV series).

The cast is comically strong with lots of beautiful ladies as eye candies (the smoking hot English nude model Keeley Hazell appears for a line!), but unfortunately they are only able to deliver as much as the film requires them to. The humour is dirtier, more homophobic and racist than the first film. Like most Hollywood comedies, if the audience don’t have a problem with any of that, the performance of the actors may crack them up good. However, the plot is too unoriginal, it’s not about entrepreneurship, it’s not emotionally engaging, it does not have the thrills of the first film as the story here is less relatable (it can only ever happen if such stupid people exist), and the gags can be tiresomely repetitive. Just as repetitive as Katy Perry’s annoying song Roar is in the movie. It just forces most critics to give Horrible Bosses 2 a negative review.

Horrible Bosses 2 meme still Charlie Day Jason Sudeikis Jason Bateman

What I would’ve named the film: “Horrible Entrepreneurs”

Censorship in Malaysia: At the press screening held in KL, the screen was blacked out during a sex scene with the audio still going (I doubt Jennifer Aniston’s nude in the film anyway) and while there are lots of vulgarities in the film, they’re only muted during the ending.

Second opinion: My girlfriend agreed that the movie’s not too bad, quite funny.

Verdict: It’s not awful for a typical comedy sequel but problem is, it’s repetitive with less relatability.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Horrible Bosses 2 poster malaysiaGenre: Comedy
Running Time: 108 minutes
Director: Sean Anders
Screenwriters: Sean Anders, John Morris
Cast: Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis,
Chris Pine, Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Christoph Waltz
Malaysia Release Date: 27 November 2014
Rated: 18
Local Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures Malaysia
Production: New Line Cinema, Benderspink, RatPac Entertainment

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