ONE FC 22: Igor Svirid wins Middleweight title in 17 seconds


ONE FC: Battle of the Lions in Singapore – Inaugural Middleweight title bout ends quickly with debutant Igor Svirid finishing Leandro Ataides in 17 secs

Japan’s Koji Ando ends Zorobabel Moreira with double soccerkicks to the head

ONE FC’s scouters and big new signings seem to be on a roll. We witnessed how Funky Ben Askren and Naratungalag Jadamba snatched the Welterweight and Featherweight titles respectively in ONE FC 19: Reign of Champions before Marat Gafurov submitted one of the promotion’s most explosive fighters Rob Lisita in 68 seconds, and just when I thought main events can’t possibly end any quicker, ONE FC debutant Igor “Lionheart” Svirid (10-1) came in and knocked out Leandro Ataides (8-1) in just 17 seconds for the ONE FC World Middleweight Championship title.

The fight from Kazakhstan was given the rare opportunity to go for the title immediately in his first ONE FC fight and who would’ve bet that he’d defeat Evolve MMA Gym’s previously unbeaten Brazilian Ataides in the very first round, let alone seconds. But he probably wouldn’t have done it if Ataides gave him a bit more respect from the opening bell. Ataides’ hands were low while pushing forward flat-footedly, and that allowed Svirid to drop him with his very first strike in the ONE FC, which was a jab that connected cleanly to the chin. As soon as Ataides hit the ground, Svirid rushed to follow up with hooks while Attaides was already on his feet. But there was no escaping this trouble, an uppercut dropped him again face down and Svirid’s followup hammerfists knocked him out cold.

ONE FC 22 Koji Ando stomps Zorobabel Moreira

Zorobabel Moreira (7-3) has finally returned to the cage after over 2 years of hiatus but unfortunately, his fight on this night ended double of how he finished Roger Huerta in ONE FC 4: Destiny of Warriors, but the difference was that Moreira’s the victim this time. He was using his range advantage well at the beginning against Koji Ando (11-3), throwing plenty of good leg kicks but whenever his closed up with a punch or knee, Ando countered with some heavy punches and takedowns. Moreira couldn’t answer much whenever Ando pushed forward with his accurate punch combos. With just 30 seconds left on the clock in the final round where Moreira’s already gassed out, Ando backed his Brazilian opponent to the fences and just kept raining in his punches until one of it caught the back of the ear which dropped Moreira right in front of him. Ando immediately followed up with two vicious soccerkicks to his face to finish the fight off. What a performance! Ando is a real deal, would love to see him fight a fighter like Eddie Ng next.

A planned 22nd ONE FC event titled Dynasty of Champions with headliners Ji Xian and Song Ya Dong was supposed to be held in China on 31 October, but it has indeed been postponed to a later date just as I thought previously. ONE FC 23: Warrior’s Way will be next in the Philippines on 5 December before the Dynasty of Champions takes place on 19 December. Warrior’s Way will be headlined by bantamweight champion Bibiano Fernandes’ title defence against Korea’s Dae Hwan Kim, and former UFC fighter Brandon Vera’s return to the cage against Igor Subora.

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Full Results

(Source: Wikipedia/Sherdog)

Main Card

Middleweight Title: Igor Svirid def. Leandro Ataides | TKO (punches) | R1 0:17
Lightweight: Koji Ando def. Zorobabel Moreira | TKO (punches and soccerkick) | R3 4:21
Welterweight: Luis Santos def. Bakhtiyar Abbasov | Submission (punches) | R1 0:53
Middleweight: Tatsuya Mizuno def. Brayan Rafiq | Decision (unanimous) | 3 rounds
Welterweight: Christophe Vandijck def. Dwayne Hinds | Submission (punches) | R1 2:40
Featherweight: Major Overall def. Cary Bullos | Submission (rear-naked choke) | R1 0:29
Featherweight: Martin Nguyen def. Rocky Batolbatol | Submission (rear-naked choke) | R2 2:10

Preliminary card

Featherweight: Amir Khan def. Waqar Umar | KO (elbows) | R1 1:25
Welterweight: Jeff Huang def. Zuli Silawanto | Submission (rear-naked choke) | R1 3:10
Women’s Atomweight: Kirstie Gannaway def. Adek Omar | Submission (triangle choke) | R1 2:34

ONE Warrior Bonus: (not awarded)

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