GONE GIRL censorship in Malaysia – No cuts!

Gone Girl malaysia uncut censorship

The Malaysia release of Gone Girl is completely uncut

Camera focus of nudity, sex and kissing pans and zooms to the sides

Gone Girl will finally make its way to the big screens here in Malaysia on 11 December 2014 after its release was initially cancelled due to excessive censor cuts required. While it’s a fantastic news for the local moviegoers, there were huge concerns on whether or not it would be censored as the crucial scenes in the film are with the characters either nude or having sex. Well allow me to ease the worries with a simple answer: There are no cuts and it’s still very worth watching at local cinemas!

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According to 20th Century Fox Malaysia, the version that will be released in Malaysia is the international edit and it is completely uncut. But although it’s uncut, it’s not exactly “uncensored”, of course. Instead of chopping off the scenes with nudity, sex and kissing, the camera focus of these sequences are meticulously panned away. For example, in a scene where the characters have sex, the visual would zoom in to the window, bed or the character’s face instead of the director’s edit that shows the nude bodies in action. However, it’s done in a way that does not affect the story at all, as though the sexual content and nudity are there only as a realism plus point.

At the press screening held on Tuesday (2 December) at TGV 1 Utama, the profanities weren’t muted as well, which is great as they are needed for the impact of certain scenes. There are two noticeable awkward skips but it may be part of the film’s editing style. The film’s classification is also changed from ‘P13′ to ’18’, which the local film censorship board is satisfied with. Exodus: God and Kings, however, would unlikely to get the similar luck as Gone Girl.

Currently Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with 88% positive reviews, Gone Girl is critically and commercially considered as one of top films directed by David Fincher (The Social Network, Fight Club, Zodiac) with strong a performance by Ben Affleck (Argo, Runner, Runner, The Town, Good Will Hunting) and Rosamund Pike (The World’s End, Jack Reacher, Die Another Day). The story’s about a man who becomes the prime suspect of his wife’s disappearance after the media has turned the spotlight on him.

My film review on Gone Girl is now available. To view it, click here.

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