Gig Review: Tenacious D Live in KL Malaysia 2014

Tenacious D KL Live Malaysia 2014 urbanscape satellite show

Minds were fucking blown as Jack Black and Kyle Gass fed Kuala Lumpur with the ‘D’

Local band Kyoto Protocol rocked the opening act

Tenacious D, the comedy rock (otherwise known as “mock rock”) duo consisting American actors Jack Black and Kyle Gass, are currently on their first ever Asian tour and their second stop was here in Kuala Lumpur. I’ve never thought they’d ever come to Malaysia (due to obvious reasons in this country) and I actually thought they’d be banned at the last minute (happened to many other concerts before here), especially after how they joked about it on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but here they were on Monday (1 December) doing a show at KL Live Life Centre. I don’t usually buy a lonesome ticket to attend a gig all by myself (the only time I did that was for Muse’s gig at Stadium Negara in 2007) but hell, it’s Tenacious D and I am fucking glad I went for it.

The KL-based band Kyoto Protocol was the opening act and they did very well putting the crowd back to a good mood and getting us all pumped up after the long frustrating wait. Knowing that most of people were unfamiliar with their original numbers, the 5-piece rock band began playing medleys of classic love and raunchy tunes, and they pulled it off impressively.

Kyoto Protocol Tenacious D KL Live Malaysia 2014

There was yet another long delay after the opening act was over but it was worth the wait as Tenacious D gave “the best performance ever in the world” to the best Malaysian crowd I’ve ever been a part of, although I was annoyed by some people who’re holding their mobile devices almost the entire show. If I’m not mistaken, most of the tracks that were played are from their first two albums, Tenacious D and The Pick of Destiny, while the rest are from the third and last album, Rize of the Felix.

The duo kicked off this highly anticipated gig with their hard rock debut single, Tribute, and The Pick of Destiny. The packed crowd at KL Live, myself included, just went fucking nuts. They weren’t just here to play their song, they were convincingly acting out the story of their songs as well, and it’s a hilariously fun experience. Prior to playing acoustic track Dude (I Totally Miss You), the duo pretended to argue on stage for Kyle to quit the band. Jack had a personal roadie whom he abused in between songs, which later led to the track Roadie. For the heavy metal-rocking track Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown), the duo had the rock off against their touring lead guitarist John Konesky, who plays and sings Dave Grohl’s parts in the song after “being possessed by Satan”. They also did a long satirical jazz jam where Kyle played two flutes at the same time while Jack sang random lines. When they were thanking everyone involved, Jack briefly sang his unique cover of Seal’s Kiss From A Rose.

Kyle Gass, John Konesky, Jack Black, Tenacious D KL Live Malaysia 2014

The D totally rocked the crowd’s socks off for the whole 90 minutes or so. The crowd was already chanting for encore before the band was even lined up to bow. The band returned to the stage in less than 2 minutes and played Wonderboy and, much to my surprise, Fuck Her Gently. Apparently, the duo came back out again to the stage minutes after to sign autographs for the fans who were sticking around. I don’t know any other artists that would do this. From what I could see on Instagram, Jack was topless and he wore a mask that’s similar to the one in his 2006 comedy film, Nacho Libre. KG went to the ground for seemingly funny reasons. Damn it, I should’ve stayed back!

It was an unbelievably committed performance by “JB” and “Kage”, who maintained their comical D personality though and through as though they’re like that all the time. Led by JB, they kept the entire show theatrically entertaining while energetically rocking their strong tasty jams hard. They practically played every song that the fans want to hear and it’s amazing how Jack’s vocals could go through the whole gig despite how high-note-demanding their songs were. It was simply a truly epic show, definitely one of the best gigs I’ve ever gone to in my life. I wonder how they managed to keep in this shape if they performed like this every time.

Jack Black KL Live Malaysia Tenacious D 2014

Due to the fucking awesome fans, who sang along to almost every word of every song while some were moshing in the middle, Jack has said they will just have to come back again for another show in the future. Hopefully, Jack would also recommend his good friend Dave Grohl to bring the Foo Fighters to Malaysia soon as well.

Tenacious D Live at KL Live was part of the Urbanscape 2014 Satellite Show. The first stop of the band’s Asian tour was Hong Kong and after Malaysia, they are headed to Singapore, Japan and South Korea.

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