UFC 182: Jon Jones out-wrestles the wrestler Daniel Cormier

UFC 182 jones cormier

UFC 182: Jones vs. Cormier – Jon “Bones” Jones retains title, hands Daniel Cormier his first career defeat and becomes the first fighter to have ever taken him down

We’ve finally seen it – the bitter blood bath between two technically undefeated fighters who genuinely hate each other have gone head to head in the cage and they fought all 5 rounds. Jon Jones (21-1) was the winner of the day, successfully defending his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship title for the 8th time after beating Daniel Cormier (15-1).

Jones gave DC his first career loss and became the first fighter to have taken DC down in the octagon. DC on the other hand was only the second fighter to have ever taken Jones down but his overall performance wasn’t good enough. In the first round, the 13-cm-taller Jones seemed more effective with his massive reach advantage and striking quickness. He also sent a message by taking down DC but DC continued to push forward and managed to pretty much cancel off Jone’s reach advantage and turned it into a dog fight by closing in and clinching and delivering some very good uppercuts.

Not much happened in the third round besides the accidental eye poke by Jones (again, the UFC should really warn fighters for putting their hands wide open like that to opponent’s face). DC advanced forward a lot with his lacklustre jabs and attempted to keep distance close by clinching with Jones in the centre of the octagon but he couldn’t land the heavy money shot he wanted. Until this point, I would say it’s pretty much a draw. But DC seemed to have already ran out of gas before the championship rounds (4 & 5) begun. He was so exhausted that he allowed Jones to pin him the fences and take down him down three more times in the fourth round. Jones did his usual routine of landing elbows and knees off the clinch.

In the fifth and final round, Jones kept the fight boring to secure his win instead of going for the finish, clinching DC to the fences and attempting takedowns but to no avail. DC, known for being an Olympian wrestler, struggled very hard to take Jones down but eventually got one towards the end of the bout but Jones springs right back up to his feet and controlled the clinch immediately. Right before the final bell rang, Jones raised his own hands and then threw in some punches while DC was letting his guard down. Jones’ self-celebration probably tricked DC into thinking the bout has ended. The angered DC swung his punches as the bell rang. They got separated by Herb Dean, who almost got hit by DC. Jones gave DC the “D-Generation X suck it” gesture, which was totally unnecessary. Please don’t turn this into some WWE bullshit.

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Jones was handed the unanimous decision win, easily. Although they touched gloves like twice in the entire 5-round bout, the hate between them seems very real. DC actually teared up a bit during the post-fight press conference. Will there be a Jones vs. Cormier II? Well, first Cormier has to be realistic. There’s a lot for him to improve on, not just his cardio.

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone (26-6) handed Myles Jury (15-1) his first career loss and end the final bout with vicious kicks to Jury’s legs while he’s on the ground. What a way to send a statement to all those young and upcoming fighters who run their mouths after going on a winning streak. Former Shooto Bantamweight Champion Kyoji Horiguchi (15-1) is still unbeaten in the UFC after defeating Louis Gaudinot (6-4) via decision. Paul Felder, who’s virtually unknown without even a Wikipedia page of his own, knocked out Danny Castillo (17-8) with a cool spinning back fist.

UFC kicked of this year with one of the most highly anticipated MMA fights ever but most of the fights on the card were quite underwhelming. All of the bouts in the main card gone to distance while only half of the preliminary card ended with finishes (8 out of 11 bouts with unanimous decision, what a drag!). That took so much time that Joe Rogan couldn’t do his usual rounds of post-fight interviews in the cage. Yup, not so great. But let’s face it, nobody really cares about the bouts prior to the main event. Next up, it’s UFC 183: Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz. I can’t wait for this one!

Full Results

(Source: Wikipedia)

Fight of the Night: Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier
Performance of the Night: Paul Felder and Shawn Jordan

Main Card

Light Heavyweight Title: Jon Jones (c) def. Daniel Cormier | Decision (unanimous) | 5 rounds
Lightweight: Donald Cerrone def. Myles Jury | Decision (unanimous) | 3 rounds
Middleweight: Brad Tavares def. Nate Marquardt | Decision (unanimous) | 3 rounds
Flyweight: Kyoji Horiguchi def. Louis Gaudinot | Decision (unanimous) | 3 rounds
Welterweight: Hector Lombard def. Josh Burkman | Decision (unanimous) | 3 rounds

Preliminary Card

Lightweight: Paul Felder def. Danny Castillo KO (spinning back fist) | R2 2:09
Bantamweight: Cody Garbrandt def. Marcus Brimage TKO (punches) | R3 4:50
Heavyweight: Shawn Jordan def. Jared Cannonier KO (punches) | R1 2:57
Lightweight: Evan Dunham def. Rodrigo Damm | Decision (unanimous) | 3 rounds
Welterweight: Omari Akhmedov def. Mats Nilsson | Decision (unanimous) | 3 rounds
Catchweight (138 lbs): Marion Reneau def. Alexis Dufresne | Decision (unanimous) | 3 rounds

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