GSC Media Appreciation Night 2015 reveals upcoming movies

Dragon Ball Z Revival of F SPL 2 Age of Adaline GSC Movies Malaysia

GSC Movies to release Dragon Ball Z: Revival of ‘F’, SPL 2, The Age of Adaline and more in 2015

Another year, another Media Appreciation Night organised by Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) to express their appreciation to the local media including lousy small time bloggers like myself. It was held on April 3rd at their recently opened outlet in Nu Sentral Mall KL and like previous years, we got to see the highlights of what’s coming this year from the cinema chain giant and their film distribution company, GSC Movies.

I can’t quite recall their entire presentation but I do remember the upcoming movie trailers that were shown. It was quite a mix of highly anticipated blockbusters to alternative contents to local films. Check it out;

The Cobbler (9 April)

Helios 赤道 (30 April)

Pilot Cafe (30 April)

Dragon Ball Z: Revival of ‘F’ (7 May)

The Age of Adaline (14 May)

Wira Wah 華Xiao英雄 (4 June)

The Vatican Tapes (23 June)

SPL 2: A Time for Consequences 殺破狼 2 (28 June)

Playing host for the night was GSC Chief Executive Officer, Ms Koh Mei Lee, Mr Irving Chee (GSC

General Manager), Mr Heng Beng Fatt (GSC Deputy GM), Mr Tung Yow Kung (GSC Movies General

Manager) and Mr Kelvin Chee (Senior Manager, Cinema Operations).

There were massive lucky draws again and for the first time ever in my life, I won something expensive – iPhone 6 Plus – all thanks to the hand of the beautiful Ms. Koh Mei Lee that drew the number 076 for the recipient of the second biggest prize of the night. Wasn’t expecting it at all, it was truly a pleasant surprise. I actually didn’t even know what I won until I took the prize back to my seat.

GSC CEO Koh Mei Lee GSC Media Appreciation Night 2015 lucky draw

In her welcome speech, Ms Koh Mei Lee said thanked everyone for their support as GSC would not

be the leading cinema exhibitor today without everyone’s support especially for its loyal customers.

To-date, GSC which just celebrated 28 years in the cinema industry on April 1, has 31 locations with

284 screens nationwide and still counting. GSC is expected to open three more new cinemas in Klang

Parade (8-screens), Aman Central Mall (10-screens) in Alor Setar and in Bintulu Times Square (8-

screens), Sarawak before this year end.

Besides adding new screens,

GSC continues to innovate and introduce new features in the cinema

chain like the recent introduction of Dolby Atmos revolutionary 3D audio system, D-BOX motions seats, 4K projectors and the larger screen GSC Maxx halls.

The event wrapped up with a screening of Fast & Furious 7, the biggest blockbuster at the moment.

GSC Media Appreciation Night 2015

As usual, I will be reviewing all the releases that I think has potential to be good. Stay tuned!

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