MIMMA3 Ladder Match indicates increase of MMA talents

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7 Selangorians, 14 KL-ites and 51 more Malaysian and foreign contestants move on to MIMMA Season 3 Quarter-Finals after impressive Ladder Match display

It was only the Ladder Match stage in the third season of the Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts (MIMMA) Amateur Fighting Championship but it’s already highly entertaining and intense as there’s a significant increase of strong, skilled and talented participants this year. Unlike the Ladder Match of first season, there were more contestants who’re confident, well trained, prepared and extremely serious. They’re definitely in it to give the current champs a run for their money. Kudos to Tune Talk CEO Jason Lo and the MIMMA team for their selection of 144 fighters from their 3-month nationwide tryouts tour.

Held at the usual venue (Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya) on May 16th and 17th, the 2-day Ladder Match event showcased an apparent total of 72 bouts from 9 divisions including the newly introduced female and foreign divisions. All winners including those who didn’t need to fight in the Ladder Match will be moving on into the quarter-finals (or next stage) that’ll be happening on June 13th at the very same place.

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With the contestants carrying their state flag, it puts the state pride on the line earlier than before. But for this season, there are also foreign fighters that are proudly fighting for the pride of their own countries. And of course, some of the local and foreign fighters may be representing the same gym as well. The following are the number of quarter-finalists according to state and foreign countries;

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Malaysian Male & Female Divisions

Kuala Lumpur – 14
Selangor – 7
Penang – 8
Johor – 8
Negeri Sembilan – 4
Sabah – 14
Sarawak – 8

Foreign Division

Singapore – 2
Thailand – 1
Japan – 1
Tajikistan – 4
Iran – 1

Since the numbers are odd, I assume that the next stage won’t be a quarter-final for all divisions. Will update on this if I get further information.

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There will be an inaugural title fight for the new Women Power and Foreign Pride divisions but as for the established divisions, it’ll be just like the previous season where the winners of each division will face the reigning champion of their respective division in the finals. It’s going to be really interesting to see if the current champions could hold on their title belts, and if the challengers have what it takes to dethrone the more experienced fighters. Some of them have successfully defended their titles last season, while the challengers may either be new or were from previous seasons. Go Selangor! Or KL? I tend to get confused with which of these states I should root for (ha-ha!) ’cause KL only like 5 minutes away from the part of Klang Valley I’m in.

With Malaysian born fighters like Ev Ting on the rise in professional MMA and MIMMA’s continuous effort to forge amateur champions off the growing pool of young local talents, the sport is looking brighter than ever in Malaysia and may explode one day when a world champion hero emerges.

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