Anime Cinemusic Live in KL, 13 Oct.

Anime Cinemusic

Young local musicians to perform music from popular anime and video game titles at HGH Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Presented by Wicked Factory Entertainment (don’t worry, not the WICKED from Maze Runner), Anime Cinemusic is a collaborative work between young and talented musicians from all over Malaysia who’d be entertaining fans in Kuala Lumpur on October 13th (coincidentally my girlfriend’s birthday as well, yay) with the music from Japanese anime and video game titles such as;

Anime Cinemusic PosterAttack on Titan
Guren No Yumiya – Linked Horizon
Jiyuu no Tsubasa – Linked Horizon

Studio Ghibli Selection
Castle in the Sky (Joe Hisaishi)
Howl’s Moving Castle Main Theme (Joe Hisaishi)
Kiki’s Delivery Service (Joe Hisaishi)
Spirited Away – Reprise (Joe Hisaishi)

Final Fantasy
FFVII: Cloud’s Theme (Nobuo Uematsu)
FFX: To Zanarkand (Nobuo Uematsu)
FFXIII: Lightning”s Theme (Masashi Hamauzu)

Overworld – Theme Song

Gundam Unicorn – On Your Mark (Hiroyuki Sawano)

Ah, anything from Final Fantasy and Studio Ghibli is gonna hit me emotionally every time. By the way, how often do you see those two franchises being featured in the same gig? The concert, which I assume will include a full live orchestra with choirs, will be conducted by Mr. Chan Ling Chee, and scenes from the respective titles will be played in the background while the music is being performed live.

Through this production, Wicked Factory Entertainment aims to showcase musical talents from all over Malaysia by providing this platform for the youths to be come together and enjoy pursuing their artistic dreams. If you love the titles above and their music, why not go enjoy the gig? Details as follows;


Time/Date: 8PM – 10PM, 13 October 2015
Venue: Galaxy Banquet Hall, HGH Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Ticket Prices
Category A: RM150
Category B: RM120
Category C: RM90
Category D: RM70

Tickets can be purchased from AirAsia RedTix and these outlet;

Rock Corner outlets
The Gardens
Subang Parade
The Curve
Bangsar Village

Victoria Music outlets
Sungai Wang
Amcorp Mall
Tropicana City Mall

Artist Gallery outlets
Gurney Plaza
Queensbay Mall

Anime Cinemusic Seating Poster

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