Chelsea 2 – 0 Arsenal: Diego Costa the fucking dirty low life

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BPL Season 2015/2016: Chelsea 2 – 0 Arsenal

Review by a Malaysian Gooner

After the questionable changes which probably caused the 2 – 1 loss against Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League a few days ago, le boss Arsene Wenger would have justify it with a win over Chelsea who’re in horrible streak. Unfortunately, Chelsea were so desperate to win today that they had to play dirty, and their fans seemed to be proud with it.

The middle of the park was mostly open in the first half with both teams pretty much being over cautious and hardly closing down. There was a rather weak penalty claim when Gabriel seemed to have lost his balance after getting tangled up while challenging a Chelsea player and fell on him. Both teams were doing okay despite not having much clear cut chances created until the dirty fuck Diego Costa triggered a chain of events which led to us going down to 10 man, forced to substitute and change tactics, and ultimately losing the game.

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Costa deliberately hit Laurent Koscielny in the face thrice during a tussle in the box, fell onto the ground and they confronted each other. Neither did the linesman. I said many times before that I love Gabriel’s passion, but his passion along with his inexperience helped Costa in his evil cause. Gabriel jumped right in to support Koscielny but Costa, probably knowing that Gabriel is new in the league, begun provoking Gabriel instead while Koscielny simply walked away. Of course, the idiotic referee Mike Dean only seen this part and gave both Gabriel and Costa a yellow card when Gabriel didn’t actually do anything. Costa should’ve gotten sent off instead. Horrible officiating but that’s far from the end of it.

Costa continued to exchange words with Gabriel, who reacted by reversing into Costa and probably stepping on him with his studs. Dean hesitated while the Chelsea babies begun pressuring him to send Gabriel off, which he did. Yes, it was stupid of Gabriel but Costa orchestrated everything and Jose Mourinho knows it as he named Costa the Man of the Match after the game. Costa manipulated Gabriel, the referee and the emotions. Strangely not Koscielny though who was the original one involved. That’s experience right there. Hopefully action would be taken against Costa. A 2-game suspension at least, and revoke Gabriel’s red card. Absolutely disgusting from Costa and Chelsea. We hate Tottenham Hotspurs because we’re gooners, but as ethical human beings, everyone should hate Chelsea for the sportsmanship.

There wasn’t any anger or urgency felt from our players, which was quite disappointing to me. We needed some fire and strong response, which the invincibles would’ve provided. Wenger started the second half by subbing Francis Coquelin off for defender Calum Chambers to help Koscielny in central defence. It was probably the right choice to play defensive-counter via Mesut Ozil’s passing abilities, but Ozil doesn’t do anything else except that. We conceded the first goal from a set piece, assisted by our former caption Francesc Fabregas, who was also involved in the sending off of Santi Cazorla later on who got a second yellow for his late tackle. We can’t blame the first goal due to being down to one man. It was an easy open header for Zouma and it’s the same shitty zonal set-piece defence problem that we had for ages. We can probably thank Wenger and the defensive coaches for that.

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The only upside I could see today was Hector Bellerin’s seemingly improved toughness and defensive abilities, but couldn’t stop Hector Bellerin from scoring the second goal for Chelsea. Alexis Sanchez continues his goal drought while neither Theo Walcott nor Olivier Giroud is stepping up consistently to prove that they can be that world class striker we are missing. Well with the recent report saying that the club has a 193.1 million pounds of profit, we definitely could’ve afforded to splash the cash. Even though no world class strikers were available, we should’ve signed a young potential like Wenger used to do, or just overspend on the player that’s slightly better than the ones we currently have. Look at where we are headed for this season. Another struggle for top four and an FA Cup?

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