MBO Cinemas: Donate blood and get freebies!

mbo cinemas blood donation drive 2.0

MBO Blood Donation Drive 2.0 to go nationwide on 31 Oct. and 1 Nov.

Contribute to save lives and you will be rewarded with goodies! Partnering with St. John Ambulance of Malaysia and National Blood Centre, MBO Cinemas will be hosting the Blood Donation Drive nationwide for the second consecutive year from October 31st to November 1st 2015, 12pm to 6pm.

For those who donates, MBO promises to reward them with a free cinema ticket, limited edition movie merchandise, food, drinks and pharmaceutical gifts all in a goodie bag! The other sponsors are Permanis Sandilands, Pizza Hut Restaurant, Caring Pharmacy, NewVos, Mundipharma and Good Morning Global.

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Last year, they managed to collect an amazing total of 2,168 bags of life-saving blood and these donations have helped more than 6,000 people. This year, the campaign aims 5,000 pints of blood. Come on, moviegoers, show your power by doing a good deed! They suck your blood, you suck their freebies. Fair deal!

MBO Cinemas will also be donating RM 10,000 to the St John Ambulance of Malaysia, as a token of appreciation for their support and assistance in this nationwide blood donation campaign.

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