Arsenal 3 – 0 Manchester United: Rare perfect start against horrible defence

ozil goal celebration arsenal manchester united 2015

BPL Season 2015/2016: Arsenal 3 – 0 Manchester United

Match review and rants by a Malaysian Gooner

So apparently, le boss Arsene Wenger said, AFTER the loss at home against Olympiakos, that the reason why David Ospina played instead of Petr Cech was because he had injury. And then he said he Ospina is world class. Oh come on, be a man and take responsibility, Arsene. You also made other changes for that game, and we now have 0 points in our Champions League group with the dominating Bayern Munich upon us. Fine, let’s say it was to rest the players again, and not because of underestimation, he had to make it count this time, and the team did, shockingly far better than expected even to the fans.

It was a fantastic start by the Gunners, pressuring from kickoff until the 6th minute where the first goal was scored by Alexis Sanchez’s amazing back heel finish off a Mesut Ozil near-post cutback that started from a great challenge by Francis Coquelin to the brilliant one-two play between Ozil and Aaron Ramsey. Just a minute later, United’s strangely open and poor defence was caught again. Theo Walcott was allowed to dribble into the box, had a few touches without anyone closing him down quick and he had the space and time to look around before finding and comfortably passing to Ozil who was nicely waiting to receive, shoot and score. We began parking the bus with Cech and Mertesecker in the driver’s seat.

alexis sanchez goal celebration arsenal manchester united 2015

On the 19th minute, Alexis scored again and this time it’s an individual effort. Walcott found him open on the left side and made the pass immediately. Alexis cut in pass two defenders before firing the ball into the top corner. Alexis was superb once again with two fantastic goals and also getting involved in the second goal’s buildup. Keep this up and maybe he’d win the league’s Golden Boot this season. With two assists, Walcott probably shown that his awareness and ball-holding as a central forward has improved a bit too, although his decision-making and finishing are still inconsistent. Ozil got an assist and finally scoring after so long since his last goal. This trio was absolutely brilliant today, especially in the first half.

The second half was quite a bore despite the few great chances that we missed and Cech’s top class saves. Yes, we were good, but United was horrible too. They never looked like they were coming back from the first half. Anthony Martial, the new addition to the list of players Wenger wanted to sign but didn’t ’cause he or the club’s a stubborn stingy fuck, was completely shut down. I like how our central defence is looking at the moment — the (co-)captain Mertesacker, the fresh and passionate Gabriel, and the one out injured today, the experienced Laurent Koscielny. If only our overall team defence is consistent, and our set piece defending is less retarded, then we would be hard to score against.

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This victory not only reassures that the team’s mental blockage against the Red Devils is truly gone, but also boosts the team’s morale and confidence. We’re second in the league now, surprisingly, after the poor start to the season and Alexis is back on form but unfortunately, it’s the boring international break next week. Hopefully nobody comes back injured and will be able to carry the momentum on into the next league game against Watford away on the 18th.

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