Norwich 1 – 1 Arsenal: This means No-Win November

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BPL Season 15/16: Norwich City 1 – 1 Arsenal

Match review & rants by a Malaysian Gooner

Le boss Arsene Wenger wasn’t stubborn. He didn’t stick with captain Mikel Arteta and decided to start Flamini instead after the loss against West Brom and we won against Dinamo Zagreb on Tuesday which now gives us a good chance of qualifying into the Champions League knockout stage. Flamini is no Francis Coquelin but at least he ain’t slow… and useless. Aaron Ramsey’s back to cover the inconsistent right wing, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s back on the bench, and everything was looking okay with a great opportunity to top the league comfortably as there’s no real tough games ahead before we play against Manchester City… but sadly, it’s Arsenal. Shit is bound to happen.

Laurent Koscielny had to come off due to a sudden back injury early the first half and Alexis Sanchez, too, was subbed off in the second half due to hamstring problem. Santi Cazorla was apparently having a worsening knee condition too although he played the entire game. Goodness gracious… it’ll never end, our injury problems. Wenger will definitely get criticised Sanchez’s outcome as the press were widely suggesting that this was the best time to rest overplayed Sanchez due to the easier fixture. However, even with Sanchez playing, we weren’t winning. The result may be worse if Wenger did decide to rest Sanchez. But ultimately, he did take the wrong risk as not only the team didn’t win, Sanchez may also be out for a few games, probably even until after Christmas, which mean that we wouldn’t have him when we play against the current league leader. Sanchez may want to play every game, but it’s Wenger’s job as a manager to know when to say no.

Thankfully we still have the usually reliable passionate ape-man, Gabriel to replace the injured Koscielny. If he or Per Mertesecker gets injured too than we’re in the deepest shit possible. The team had a slow start until Nacho Monreal’s overlapping runs down the left flank begun giving Norwich problems. The home side’s keeper cleared the ball poorly which allowed Alexis Sanchez to steal the ball and quickly fed it to Mesut Ozil who made a diagonal run into the edge of the box and put it pass the keeper who was rushing out. It was a beautiful pass and a great finish, followed by some more great plays… until Norwich got fired up due to injustice.

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Flamini pushed a player in the box but referee didn’t whistle which got Norwich players out for blood. They scored an equaliser from a good pass straightup into the box for their scorer to turn and shoot. Gabriel probably should’ve done better by not being on the wrong side of the player’s back. Norwich then had like two more great opportunities to take the lead but they screwed up. We were lucky not to be trailing at half time. The Gunners tried to turn up the pace but after Sanchez went off, there was no one for Ozil to play one-two with and he, too, pretty much disappeared in the final third of the game. Olivier Giroud wasn’t getting enough service nor was he involved much at all.

We then looked more like the tossers we used to be when we ran out of ideas — just pumping brainless crosses into the box for no one. And I wonder if Wenger tried to tell them to fucking stop doing that shit. Even with injuries, there’s no fucking excuse for this kind of performance when you’re chasing a win. Norwich had more chance, one of them forced Cech to make a superb save. Many would agree that they should’ve won and that’s more than fair.

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So everything went wrong this month without a single league win, only 2 points gained from games we should’ve easily won, and extended the injury list. But is this season over? If this was 3 seasons ago, I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes. But somehow, I still have hope. More so on this team collectively instead of any individual… and definitely not the manager. Wenger has got to sign in the January window even if everyone’s back from injury by then or he’s a certified fuckup.

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