Swansea 0 – 3 Arsenal: Ozil takes over after poor 1st half

mesut ozil like a boss vs swansea 2015

BPL Season 2015/2016: Swansea 0 – 3 Arsenal

Match review & rants by a Malaysian Gooner

The Gunners lost to a non-Premiere League side Sheffield United three-nil on Wednesday in embarrassing fashion but some said that getting knocked out of the Capital One Cup
was a blessing in disguise as the Gunners can now focus more on the
league and that the Mickey Mouse Cup has never been Arsene Wenger’s target in his career. However, we’ve lost another first team player, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, in that game that Arsene supposedly didn’t care. But that too, could forcefully be another blessing in disguise.

With Chamberlain, Aaron Ramsey as well as Theo Walcott all in our consistently packed list of injuries, Arsene had no choice but to start young Joel Campbell on the right away against Swansea yesterday but he did not disappoint. In the first half, he was the only Gunner who was threatening on offence. Not sure what was up with Alexis Sanchez. He was not his usual self. Even Mesut Ozil was closing down players more than him in the first half. We certainly did not have a good first half. Swansea dominated possession and had more chances to score. Laurent Koscielny and Francis Coquelin had to be as great as they always were to protect Petr Cech as much as they could. The referee didn’t do a great job. Swansea committed plenty of fouls in the first half but he gave no cards. There was one time where Shelvey slipped and fell but the ref whistled against Alexis. Swansea, too, could argue that Per Mertesecker clearly and deliberately hand-balled in the box but no penalty given.

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Swansea’s Montero was causing a lot of problems on the right side against Hector Bellerin but our right back compensated by not giving up in whatever situation. Most notable Bellerin moments were when he sprinted back from halfway line to clear the ball against Gomis who was rounding Cech in a clean one-on-one, and in the second half where he hurt his ribs sacrificing himself sprinting to the far post to clear off the line against Ayew’s offside strike. Swansea had shots on target but Cech’s world class keeping made sure of another clean sheet.

It wasn’t an easy game at all but the on-form Ozil took charge in the second half, providing two assists, one from the corner kick for Olivier Giroud’s headed goal (I liked how he pulled Mertesecker’s shirt to move towards the balls) and another where he showed absolute class by dribbling back at the edge of the box for a one-two play with Alexis and crossed it to the far post for Campbell’s brilliant finish (it’s his first ever Arsenal goal, by the way). Koscielny was again on the scoring board but his was a bit controversial as there was body contact against Swansea’s (and Gunners’ former) goalkeeper Fabianski. As soon as we scored the first goal, the team immediately switched to counter-attacking, which was the right thing to do, and they’ve been adopting this tactic a lot recently. Well done, Arsene, you’ve finally changed a bit. It was a complete contrast compared to the first half. Swansea lost their way and we dominated and continued to defend very well. Ozil definitely the man of the match. His movements, dribbling, passing and creativity really shone again. He’s also starting to show more expression too. Hopefully he could maintain this world class form.

koscielny fabianski arsenal swansea 2015

Again, we didn’t play thoroughly well but we won against the club that beat us twice last season, and this was an away game. It’s another sign of champions like I spoke of before. If we don’t self-destruct like we used in previous seasons (or add more to the injury list), we could very well win or challenge for the title all the way to the end. But I am fairly confident that we could win the title. Having supported Arsenal for more than a decade, I’m feeling the togetherness and strength in the team that I’ve never seen before since the invincibles. Next up, Bayern Munich away and then then North London derby back at Emirates Stadium. Win the latter and I’ll keep my word of buying a new jersey on the very next day.

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Swansea 0 – 3 Arsenal. All the goals.
Posted by Arsenal Videos on Saturday, 31 October 2015

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