Review: Slide the City Malaysia 2015

slide the city putrajaya

More like pushing, pulling and crashing down an overhead bridge on a highway in Putrajaya, KL

The inaugural Slide the City in Malaysia took place last weekend (5 & December 2015) on ramp of an overhead bridge in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur. It’s basically a long water slide on a road in a “city” with no buildings around. Sure, it didn’t look as awesome as the ones we see in videos from other countries’ events, but many Malaysians seemed to have had a lot fun. So whatever I say here may be invalid in general. It’s just only one person’s experience anyway.

I went in the morning for the first wave itself, had to park on the road side and walked to the venue, which was what I was told to do by the traffic staff there. Upon registration, the ticket holder may receive an inflatable tube, water gun, t-shirt and a bottle of water (without a bag to carry all these stuff around), depending on the tier the person purchased. There were single slider, triple slider and VIP unlimited slider tiers with the ticket price ranging from RM59 to RM169.

The slide wasn’t the only thing at the event. There were food stalls, carnival games and booths of the sponsors like GoPro, Nivea and strangely, Playboy products as well, with their pretty female promoters with bunny ears. No alcohol for sale but there were Playmates! I’m not sure what products they were promoting as I didn’t go near it but regardless, was this the right sponsor for a family event like this? Ah, whatever. That didn’t bother me. What bothered me was how difficult it was to find the toilets and instead of having signs pointing to them, some of the portable toilets were hidden behind a sign that says “Do not go beyond this point”. The changing rooms were quite bad too. They were practically just tents with no partition inside so if you wanted to change your wet underwear without a towel, you’d gotta show your butt and/or package.

There were three lanes for the slide — two narrow lanes for single sliders and a wider one for groups and big inflatables. The queues were not too long. I was expecting an express lane due the name of my ticket “VIP Unlimited” but there wasn’t. They should’ve just named the ticket ‘unlimited slider’ tier but I guess that didn’t sound grand enough to sell it. Anyway, I didn’t mind it too much as the queues didn’t take too long considering how many people there were. While waiting, we played around with our water guns shooting and getting shot by strangers and the gorgeous staffs in yellow with milky fair skin. Sadly, no bikinis were allowed. Sigh… Shouldn’t matter, ’cause the main thing was the slide… right? Besides, there were Playmates!

After a few minutes of queuing finally came our turn to run and hop onto our inflatable tubes. Disappointingly, the slide wasn’t smooth enough likely due to insufficient water and poor traffic control. That caused congestion multiple times on the slide where people got stuck and crashing into each other. To actually slide all the way to the bottom at the end, it required a lot of help from the hardworking staffs to pull and push the sliders, which sucks, limits the fun and defeats the purpose. I think I would’ve had way more fun rolling down this ramp in my inline skates instead. But that’s just me, I think. My girlfriend enjoyed the slide and many others did as well based on what I gathered from Instagram posts. The little ones probably had a blast too. If it rained, which it did after I left the place, it probably would’ve helped smooth the slide and made it way more fun.

How long was the slide? Well, on the official website, it claims to be 1,000 feet long, which is three football fields long. I didn’t know the ramps on highways that were that long! Maybe the slide was genuinely 1,000 feet but it certainly didn’t feel like it as it took me less than a minute to slide down in a safe speed (maybe longer due to the traffic on it) and about 5 minutes walking back up the ramp, where I injured my toe too thanks to the wooden blocks on the grass. Why weren’t those taken care of by the organiser? People were walking on that path with their sight limited by inflatables! After my second slide, I just left the place ’cause I was bored.

With all that being said, I was indeed not too happy with how the event was organised. Was it value for money? RM59+ for a single slide?! Hell no for me. I’d rather pay the price of an unlimited slider ticket (RM159+) for an all-day ticket at a water park. Not quite the same thing, I know, but I’d definitely have way more fun. However, to be fair, it was only their first time organising Slide the City in Malaysia and I’m sure they’d figure out ways for improvements.

slide the city kl malaysia

(This review has been amended several times due to requests from the organiser’s PR. But fret not, every word remains 100% the truth. I wasn’t paid to do so.)

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