Arsenal 0 – 1 Chelsea: Nobody to blame this time but Gunners themselves

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BPL Season 2015/2016: Arsenal 0 – 1 Chelsea

Match review & rants by a Malaysian Gooner

It was coming wasn’t it? We had a hard battle at Anfield, then we sucked at Stoke and now we’ve finally lost today at our own turf to a club that almost anyone can beat at the moment, and it was a terrible performance by both sides. Chelsea is shit, but somehow we managed to be even more shit and allowed them to do the double on us this season. It was a shitty game of football and our captain arm band was given to the shit of all shits of the game, probably just because this occasionally decent, overpaid player was celebrating his 10 years at the club. In case you don’t know who, it’s fucking Theo Walcott. He was horrendous, along with Aaron Ramsey, both who were shit in the previous game as well, and yet they played most of the game!

Despite obviously not having control in midfield or enough dribbling penetration in the previous two games, le boss Arsene Wenger still decided to start with the same line-up even though Alexis Sanchez was fit to play. Sanchez immediately made impact as soon as he came in, in the second half, for Joel Campbell instead of Walcott who did absolutely nothing other than getting himself in offside position whenever Mesut Ozil made great through-passes to him. Heck, sometimes he couldn’t even control the ball. Perhaps the most appalling decision by the boss was sacrificing our on-form top scorer Oliver Giroud to replace the red-carded Per Mertesecker with Gabriel.

Yes, I can understand that the idea was to play direct defensive counter-attack being down to 10-man, which was why Walcott’s pace was needed, but why not take off Campbell instead? And what happens when we conceded on the 23rd minute? He stuck with the same players until like the 60th minute when there’s absolutely no one to hold the ball and set up plays with Ozil. This is why people are criticising Wenger for being a man manager, instead of a football manager, and they may be spot on.

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Diego Costa may have made the most out of Mertesecker’s tackle, but no question there was contact and Mertesecker knew he was the last man (replay it shows that he actually looked up before deciding to tackle the well-known actor). But what forced Mertesecker in that situation? One, the boss’ decision to play a very high-line despite knowing that Mertesecker has no pace and Costa is a speedy Oscar nominee, and two, nobody fucking gave Willian a hard time. It was not an error by the referee. Not to mention, Fabregas was obviously pushed in the box at one point
and referee didn’t give them the penalty call, so in a way, the referee was fair at the very least.

Our players were sloppy, they don’t look hungry at all even at home and there was no toughness or tempo dictation in midfield. Chelsea players were allowed to move through around the midfield to the our box with ease. Nobody was putting in a tackle. And Mathieu Flamini was allowed the free role from his defensive midfield position to being a clown in the box where he couldn’t convert the chances into anything at all? Not even a fucking pass. Why the fuck was he allowed to do that in the entire game? And let’s not spare Ramsey from criticisms — all he did in this game was giving away the ball to the opposing side, like literally passing to them directly. It was so frustrating I couldn’t even laugh it off this time.

When Sanchez came in and we were able to get some fouls for decent set piece positions and his dribbles allowed plays around and inside the box, but when we were there, we were reluctant to shoot and simply bottled every chance. Giroud was clearly missed. It’s not the end of the season for us like it is for Chelsea, but let’s face it — our players were fucking horrible since Stoke, and some of them since Liverpool, and our manager did nothing except signing a player which he doesn’t even wanna gamble on. Cause’ I dunno, probably subbing Giroud out and playing poor Ramsey-Flamini partnership were smaller risks, I suppose. Next up it’s back to the FA Cup against Burnley (which I won’t bother reviewing) before we’re up against Southampton at home. We need to start a run now or we can wave this great league-winning opportunity good bye.

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Arsenal 0-1 Chelsea – Full English Highlights.
Posted by Arsenal Videos on Sunday, 24 January 2016

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