Top 5 Worst Movies of 2015 (that I’ve seen)

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List of 5 bad 2015 films that need no effort forgetting

Sorry, a bit late this time due to my year-end vacation. Only top 5 instead of the usual 10 as I have been avoiding movies that I believed would most likely suck (e.g.; Jem and the Holograms, The Last Witch Hunter, Taken 3). I used to review as many movies as I could every week but I guess I’ve grown up now, have lesser time to waste, and prefer to catch movies that have potential to be good and those that totally have to be shamed on this site.

None of my reviews in 2015 had a rating below 1/5. Heck, there were only two movies that I rated 1/5 (much lesser compared to 2014). So it wouldn’t be fair to forcefully make a top 10 list out of only over 10 bad films that I’ve watched (in previous years, I had at least 30+ to work with).

Anyway, without further ado, here are the top five of the crappiest movies from the year 2015 that I’ve unfortunately seen;


5. Point Break

point break movie poster malaysiaA remake that literally nobody asked for. What’s the fucking point of remaking the still very-much watchable 1991 film with actors that aren’t very popular or even as charming as Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze? It was bound to bomb and releasing it in Asia first probably didn’t help much.

The script sucks, the direction sucks, almost everything sucks compared to the original. Some scenes are even more illogical than jumping off a plane without a parachute and surviving. That’s how bad it is. Not to mention about the lack of political subtext and how the film ends by seemingly being fine with eco-terrorism.

The only thing that prevented it from being higher on this list is its extreme eco-sport scenes that I have to admit are quite cool, like watching YouTube on big screen. Maybe the point was only to promote the sports… and killing people for the sake of “honouring the forces of nature”? >> Read full review

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4. Attack on Titan (live action)

attack on titan movie poster malaysiaYou don’t have to be a fan of the manga/anime to dislike this live action adaptation. But if you’re hardcore fan, you’d probably hate it more than any other movies this year. It’s so disappointingly bad that I refused to watch the second part that’s released in the same year.

I had no problem with the special effects, although the action sequences are a bit boring compared to the manga/anime, but the makers of the film couldn’t take criticisms well and blamed it on budget and was unhappy with the people who gave early screenings to one of the critics. Hello, these aren’t even the main problems of the film.

I understand it’s impossible to fit everything from the source material into two films without altering the story, but some of the changes seem to be only necessary to make the movie suck — like dumbing down the main characters Eren and Mikasa, and changing their motivations to fight the monsters. The screenwriters managed to somehow turn the originally cool and energetic characters into unengaging and stupid trained soldiers who can’t even notice giants lurking right beside them before its too late. Actually, it’s quite an achievement to turn such an exciting title into a complete bore. >> Read full review

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3. Pan

pan movie poster malaysiaA great example of a film that couldn’t be saved by big names and pretty visuals. It’s so pitifully terrible that I almost didn’t have the heart to tell others that I was certain that this was going to be in the list of many critics’ list of top worst films of the year.

Being one of the high budget productions ($150 million) that bombed in the box office, the film is not without great actors like Hugh Jackman and set designs. The strange thing is that it didn’t have better writers, director, performances or even CGI. Did it spend most of its budget on Jackman alone? It’s boring, formulaic, overacted, zero substance, lacks character depth, and the unnecessary giant CG turkey looks embarrassingly fake. The funniest shit is that it’s a prequel of Peter Pan and yet it fails to explain how Pan and Hook become enemies, and instead, they end up as best buddies.

However, on Rotten Tomatoes, the film is currently only 4% lower than Steven Spielberg’s Hook (1991), which it sort of ripped off from. Perhaps the only good news that it had. What a waste of Nirvana’s song. They should’ve just made the film a full-fledged musical. >> Read full review

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2. Hitman: Agent 47

hitman agent 47 movie poster malaysiaIf you’re not a huge fan of the video game, there’s a slight chance that you might not completely dislike this over-the-top garbage. But I was a fan of the game, hence my passionate loath for this film.

Hitman, the games, was all about accomplishing missions by utilising realistic skills of stealth assassin but instead of making a gritty thriller with that concept, they decided to make a flashy shoot-em-all car commercial (director showcasing his expertise in making advertisements) with a Terminator-like character, unimpressive action sequences, an unnecessarily dumb plot and a narrative that made me screamed, “WHAT THE FUCK FOR?!”

The biggest fucking mystery why the same screenwriter who failed the previous adaptation (2007) was rehired to do this one as well. He obviously never understood the game. >> Read full review

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1. Mortdecai

mortdecai movie poster malaysiaHow did this happen?! Captain Jack Sparrow, Iron Man’s girlfriend, Obi Wan Kenobi, Vision and Dr. Ian Malcolm — all in one lousy American comedy that tries to be British with mostly lame sexual, homophobic, vomit gags and repeated jokes?!

Mortdecai falls flat trying too hard to be energetically and offensively hilarious and goofy without being too bold, slapstick or overboard nonsensical. I’ve never read the book it’s based on but I bet the fans of the source material hated this film more than I did.

Did they actually think accidental boob grab was still funny? I can’t think of any worse film with Johnny Depp in the leading role ever. The critics had a lot to say about Adam Sandler’s Pixels, but at least there’s a bit of fun in that. This one’s fucking painfully boring as fuck. No drug in the world could help you enjoy it. >> Read full review

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Dishonourable Mentions
Monsters: Dark Continent
Age of Adaline

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That’s it. Do you agree with this list? I’m quite sure that there were at least a few movies that can be as bad as, if not worse, these. Do let me know in the comment section below if there’s any garbage that absolutely need to be on this list. Hey, I might even watch it to justify if it’s truly worst than the ones above.

And like previous years, my list of best films of the year will only be out days before the Oscars as many seemingly good films aren’t released here in Malaysia yet and I need to wait for the nominations to be announced to know what else to watch (’cause I can’t possibly find the time to watch every single highly rated film by then).

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