Try beating One Punch Man’s score at Animax Carnival Malaysia 2016

one punch man punching machine saitama

One Punching Machine to be featured as one of the experiential games at the upcoming Animax Carnival Malaysia 2016 

As you all know, Saitama’s punching machine score was literally off the wall. Have what it takes to beat his “score”? Or want to know just how far away you are from his incredible strength? Head over to Animax Carnival Malaysia 2016 happening at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre on 26 and 27 March 2016 (10am to 6pm). Admission is free.

A punching machine will at the carnival’s “experiential zone” along with Mr. Saitama, One Punch Man himself, for the public to take a shot at it. No photos of the machine available. Hopefully it won’t turn out to be like the ones at the arcades. However, Animax did share some tips on how you could throw a good punch;

– Have the correct stance
• Footing is probably one of the most important aspects in throwing a strong punch.
• Bend your knees to generate more power
• Spread your feet as wide as your shoulder length
• Front foot planted firm and the back of rear foot should be slightly lifted
• Stand slightly sideways

– Bend your elbow for maximum power delivery

– Never put your thumb inside your other fingers, put it outside (you don’t want to be injuring your thumb)

– Grip your fist firmly but not tightly

– Rotate your fist inwards, your fist should be horizontal when connecting with your opponent

– Generate power from your feet, slightly twisting your hips and stretch your hands out to deliver a deadly impact. (Force of a punch doesn’t derive from your arm’s strength but rather from your whole body weight)

– Mass x Acceleration = Force. (Quicker movements generates greater power)

I read that there’s also an experiential game based on The File of Kindaichi R which will test your mystery case-solving skills. Sounds fun. If you’re a hardcore anime fan, be sure to check out Animax Carnival Malaysia 2016 to see what else is in store. Find out more here.

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