Arsenal win while Tottenham Hotspur drop points as expected

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Arsenal 4 – 0 Watford

Match review and rants by a Malaysian Gooner

The Spurs have begun their tough run-in and have dropped two points yesterday against Liverpool after the Gunners completely destroyed Watford, avenging our FA Cup knockout loss at home against them. Watford was extremely poor, no doubt, forcing only one amazing save by David Ospina, but take nothing away from our team’s performance. With 12 shots on target and most of them were great chances, it’s fair to say that we could’ve had more than four goals.

Amazingly, our players came back from national duties uninjured again and evidently fitter than ever before. All of our players were mostly brilliant and I saw a chemistry and balance like never before since Santi Cazarlo got injured. Question is why couldn’t they do it before against them in the FA Cup? The simple answers are: Alexis Sanchez was still totally off form then (this time he scored, assisted and was involved in the other goals as well), Olivier Giroud started instead of Danny Welbeck who was just returning from injury (and scored when he got on), Mohamed Elneny was still a very fresh recruit and Alex Iwobi hadn’t gained the confidence he has yesterday.

I might very much like it for le boss Arsene Wenger to leave the club soon but I have to admit that he has never lost his ability to spot great unknown talents and develop them into gems. Iwobi and Elneny are the latest examples. Iwobi, whom I once questioned for being selected above Joel Campbell, is starting to show that he has amazing potential and is playing far better than Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Campbell and our 140,000 pound/week man Theo Walcott (for fucks sake, he’s a waste of money!). The 19-year-old Nigerian found Alexis with a great cross before getting the return of favour minutes later for a tap-in.

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Putting Elneny and Francis Coquelin together in the midfield seem like the answer for midfield stability that we’ve been missing for a long time. Coquelin continued to do his thing with his high work-rate tackling but now with a lot of help from the box-to-box Egyptian. Elneny always make himself available in midfield for purposeful and accurate distribution of the ball and that allowed playmakers like Mesut Ozil to create chances and execute tactics. Very well done, Wenger, but the question still remains: Can we win big trophies by retaining his stubborn, stingy tradition?

Leicester City have just won their 5th one-nil victory in their past 6 matches. Signs of them eventually dropping points is strong, but will it come soon enough? Even if we won the game in the hand, we would still be 8 points behind and our next game away at the fifth-placed West Ham will not be a stroll in the park. I hope the players would be as motivated to avenge our first game and loss of the season.

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Arsenal 4-0 Watford Highlights
Arsenal 4-0 Watford Highlights
Posted by SoccerHighlightsToday on Saturday, 2 April 2016

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