UFC: McGregor’s “inaccurate” announcement, Jones’ rusty

UFC 197 jones kick saint preux

UFC 197: No surprise at all — Mighty Mouse wins, Jones win and as for UFC 200…?

Sorry, I haven’t been able to blog at all last week but will do my best to give my thoughts on recent happenings in three quick paragraphs (since it’s probably no longer a hot topic anymore).

The whole Conor McGregor fiasco about him getting pulled out from UFC 200’s fight card due to his absence at the promotional activities in Nevada, Las Vegas last week had undoubtedly overshadowed UFC 197 last weekend. And the performances at UFC 197 weren’t able to make a shout about. There was certainly no “showtime” as former Lightweight Champ Anthony Pettis himself was handed his third straight loss via unanimous decision against his dominator Edson Barboza who’s in a roller coaster streak himself.

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson won in the very first round against Henry Cedujo (who?! this guy have never even finished an opponent in the UFC before!) and retained the Flyweight Title again. Jon “Bone” Jones, who shouldn’t have been able to return to fight so quickly after all that alleged crimes he did, defeated Ovince Saint Preux for the Interim Lightweight Title in a very poor, boring performance. Where were those deadly elbows, yo? OSP apparently broke his arm in the third round and yet Jones couldn’t finish him. Also, he ended up on the wheel chair after the fight, accordingly to Dana White. The current champ, Daniel Cormier, was able to predict and call his setup offence while being commentating. If Jones fought Cormier on this card, he would’ve easily lost.

Now back to UFC 200, it’s a major second century PPV event and without McGregor versus Nate Diaz II to headline the card, it’s going to be fucking dull. Jose Aldo versus Frankie Edgar as the new main event? HA-HA. Most people wouldn’t even pay to watch it. Symbolically for the 200th PPV event, it’s fucking underwhelming, and I’m sure UFC knows it too. McGregor’s false reinstatement announcement tweet probably sold them a lot more tickets than the damn promotional activities and commercials. If UFC could allow an alleged criminal like Jones returning to fight so quickly, it’s hard to be convinced that they wouldn’t put McGregor back onto the card. Dana White kept saying it’s unfair for the other fighters to do so. Well then, was it fair to ban Nick Diaz merely for weed and Will Chope for a crime he did 5 years ago but allow Jones to come back this quickly to fight for the title? Contradiction, yo. I believe it’s all a play and ultimately, money talks.

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