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The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale: Who did Negan kill? Let’s narrow it down

(Spoilers. duh)

The internet was being very negative about The Walking Dead‘s season finale titled “Last Day on Earth” and it wasn’t for no reason. It ended with a cheap cliffhanger of a main character getting killed in first-person view (he or she’s POV), fades to closing credit without revealing who it is, and we won’t know who for sure until October in Season 7. A lot of the fans are either hating the 90-minute season finale or are still trying to figure out who it is that is leaving the show. But since it’s virtually impossible to find out who exactly, why not work backwards and see who’s more likely not the casualty.

In the comic, the characters are lined up on their knees by the Saviours, Negan does the Eeny-Meenie-Miny-Moe, and Glenn gets picked to have his head brutally cracked by the antagonist named Negan with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire he named Lucille. It certainly is quite a disturbingly graphic moment, especially how emotionally heartbreaking it is to see him screaming Maggie’s name before getting finished off by Negan. The TV adaptation of this scene is very similar, but as expected, it’s less graphic, the victim is not revealed, and as we all know, the TV series does not follow every character death in the comics to keep even the comic fans surprised. Therefore, there’s a chance that the casualty is not Glenn (Steven Yeun).

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Like in the comic, the show’s newly introduced villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) picks someone from Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group and smashes the top of the character’s head with Lucille. The victim stands up while Negan yells, “Taking it like a champ!” before he continues to bat the poor fellow to death. Yes, the character’s definitely dead and the series’ makers and actors have confirmed it on The Talking Dead Season 6 finale. No one (or bleeding camera) could possibly survive that anyway.

Negan’s Eeny-Meenie-Miny-Moe is quite random and doesn’t move by syllable, word or sentence, and the background of the victim’s first-person angle shows nothing but trees. So none of that helps. However, I do feel that the final moment does leave some clues. The most obvious one is that it’s definitely not going to be Carl (Chandler Riggs) as Negan orders his followers to cut out Carl’s other eye and feed it to Rick if any of them moves or says anything. The way he delivers those lines doesn’t sound like Carl is right in front of him.

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Another obvious clue is that it has to be a character who’s physically, or at least mentally, capable of “withstanding” the first blow. In the comic, Glenn is still able to get up and calls out to Maggie before Negan breaks his jaw as well. In the show, the character is able to get back up as well before Negan continues to swing Lucille. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is already weak due to her mysterious pregnancy issue so I doubt she’d still be able to move at all if she got hit with Lucille. Daryl (Norman Reedus) too, has already lost a lot of blood due to the gunshot, but he looks stubbornly tough enough to not get knocked out by a single blow.

Lastly is Negan’s line right before the screen fades out completely, “Taking it like a champ,” which is also straight from the comic. Now, I doubt he’d be using that line if it was a woman he’s beating up ’cause if it was, an asshole like him would’ve probably said something sexist like, “Pretty tough for a lady,” instead. Therefore I strongly feel that all other the female characters — Michonne (Danai Gurira), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Rosita (Christian Serratos) — are possibly safe… for now. Killing off the latter two would be almost impactless anyway.

UPDATE – 18 October 2016: A recent Season 7 teaser confirmed that Rick is definitely not the receiver of Lucille.

So the shortlist of those whom I think are more likely on the receiving end of Negan’s Lucille are Daryl, Glenn, Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Aaron (Ross Marquant) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt). If they killed Daryl (who does not exist in the comic series, by the way), it’d sadly be the perfect move with the addition of Dwight and him taking over his jacket and crossbow but they’d risk pissing off and probably losing a hell lot of Daryl fans. If it’s Abraham, Aaron or Eugene, there’d be little to no emotional impact ’cause I personally don’t care for them as much. In the end, staying faithful to the comic would probably make the most sense for the producers and writers. Glenn would be a painful loss to most fans as the character was in the series since the very first season, and will provide a strong impact to the story as well as Maggie would then be a pregnant widow. The other question is, though, would the show be okay losing the only Asian character it currently has?

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