Gabriel and cliches lead Arsenal to the end of hope

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BPL Season 2015/2016: West Ham United 3 – 3 Arsenal

Rants & match review by a Malaysian Gooner

Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur have won last weekend and that means it was 2 points lost for Arsenal. Realistically, it’s definitely over for the Gunners this season and we won’t even have FA Cup as consolation this time. This should be my final blog post about Arsenal until post-season. I’ve had enough of it already.

Anyway, let’s review, for the last time this season, our 3-3 draw at West Ham United. Iwobi was brilliant again. Great movement and vision, finding Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez for the first two goals. We were playing absolutely well offensively like never before this half of the season and continued to attack and create chances creatively. I thought, hey, maybe, just maybe, we got it figured for now.

Just when I said that, Andy Carroll made it 2-1 thanks to the horrid defending that allowed him to run in freely to head the ball in without much of a challenge. Heck, I wasn’t even surprised. I was texting my friends, “Is our self-destruct mode activated?”… and there Carroll scored another to tie the game and then another to take the lead, both courtesy of Gabriel’s poor decisions. And then the replay showed that West Ham’s first disallowed goal was actually onside, which meant that luck and the linesman were already on our side and yet somehow we could still bottle it.

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Both captain Per Mertesecker and Petr Cech were fit to play, but le boss Arsene Wenger decided to out them on the bench and allowed Carroll’s aerial threat to own us. Payet was fantastic with his dribbling, but we all already know that, and yet nothing was planned to stop him. The players would just back off and back pedal, allowing him to dribble into the box without fouling him. No confidence in defending set pieces, perhaps?

Sure, Wenger showed some unusually gung-ho changes to go all out and fight it back. And we did, we a bit of luck with the bounce miss-controlled by Danny Welbeck (who was pretty off in this game) and bounced straight to our open defender Laurent Koscielny to blast it into the top corner. But Wenger would later seal the draw by putting the useless 140,000-pound/week man on. Why on Earth did Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott get to be on the bench instead of Joel Campbell in the first place? Was he injured? My fucking god.

Instead of feeling surprised or pissed off about this match, most of us Gooners were laughing about it. The club has been turning into a long term joke to the fans for a very long time now. It’s a predictable cliche for Arsenal and nothing has changed. Players have been benched and then sold off when they don’t perform for two seasons or three (but not when injured), I don’t see why Wenger can’t get the same fucking treatment. #WengerOut

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West Ham vs Arsenal – London DerbyPosted by Football HD on Saturday, 9 April 2016

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