UFC 200: Brock Lesnar back healthy, strong & happy

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“The Beast” beats heavyweight title contender Mark Hunt after 5-year hiatus

After all the ups and downs from the Diaz-McGregor bout cancellation to Jon Jones’ last minute pull-out due to potential anti-doping policy violation, the card turned out pretty damn good. I haven’t been following the sport for a while due to the top promotions’ politics and lack of transparency but I’m glad that I gave this one time as it was worthwhile.

Amanda Nunes ate the “Cupcake” Miesha Tatas, urgh… I mean Tate, quite easily and becomes the new UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. This title is now switching hands quite often. I’m pretty sure eventually Ronda Rousey would be back challenging to take it back. Anderson Silva, the best fucking MMA fighter of all time, now 41, took the short 2-day notice to step in and fight the Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier at a weight class he’s no longer familiar with. Jose Aldo is back strangely much more composed and Floyd Mayweather-like and defeated Frankie Edgar by decision. Cain Velasquez totally destroyed Rousey’s boy Travis Browne and got the TKO right at the end of the very first round.

All those fights were fantastic but what I was most excited about was the return of Brock “The Beast” Lesnar (6-3) and he won by unanimous decision against Mark Hunt (12-11-1). The nickname can’t be anymore fitting. The former Heavyweight champ is a monster and he was still scary as fuck in the cage despite haven’t been fighting for 5 years due to his struggle with diverticulitis. What made his win more was that Hunt is an active fighter who challenged for the interim Heavyweight title in 2014 and was in a 2-win streak.

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Hunt has one-punch KO power but Lesnar was smart enough to go for his bread and butter — wrestling his opponent down and rained down the poundage — and hell it was effective. The way he burst right at Hunt for the double leg and took him down with so much power. If I remember correctly, Lesnar had full mount twice and was in Hunt’s half-guard twice as well. And when The Beast’s on top, Hunt had zero answer but to limit the damages he’s taking and survive. However, if this bout was a 5-rounder, we may have had a different story as Lesnar did look a bit exhausted in the third round (although he said he never felt fatigue during the post-fight press conference) and that’s the only reason why I wouldn’t use the word “dominant”. Some may say that he looked a bit lost at times during the bout, could only pounce for takedowns and that the win wasn’t pretty. But remember, he was retired for 5 years, had 12 inches of his colon removed, and only trained for the past 6 weeks (he actually took the fight quite short notice). And more importantly, he won, clearly. That’s impressive.

There were times that Lesnar’s hands were low and Hunt was obviously waiting to land his righty. Fortunately for Lesnar, he defended well with his left shoulder and ducking. Maybe it’s his game plan to lure him in for takedown opportunities even though Hunt did land some pretty damaging shots that left Lesnar’s right eye swollen. Anyway, I believe the fighters probably only agreed for 3 rounds and that’s why it wasn’t the main event anymore. No disrespect to the ladies, but it was, symbolically for UFC’s 200th PPV event, a bit underwhelming. People at the bar I was at started leaving as soon as co-main event was done.

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As fan, I think Lesnar should say fuck WWE, although that shit kicked off his super stardom. He belongs to real fighting and he’s genuinely happy to be back at the UFC. I want to see him to keep competing and try to challenge for the title even though it’s not really realistic at 38 against the current 33-year-old champ Stipe Miocic. And only return to the WWE when he can no longer fight at top condition. I just hope WWE won’t stop him from doing so. I’m sure all MMA fan would love to see Lesnar to go on fighting. Who’s to know how good he could actually still be if he didn’t retire 5 years ago. And now I wish to see how he’ll be if he keeps himself actively training and fighting in MMA.

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