Review: i-City Shah Alam — Red Carpet Wax Museum, SnoWalk, City of Digital Lights

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A lot of fun at Malaysia’s first home-grown interactive wax museum, Arctic environment at -8 degrees Celsius and theme park surrounded by over a million of LED lights

A few years ago when I visited i-City in Shah Alam (Selangor), there were only laser tag, arcade, reptile zoo and a huge land of LED lights which was its only main attraction. Today, i-City is a full-fledged theme park and has way more fun and thrilling attractions to offer than before. Recently, I’ve had the privilege to experience some of these newer stuff — Red Carpet, the refurbished SnoWalk and the theme park in City of Digital Lights. Despite being a full grown man there without his girlfriend or family, I’ve had a good time and I’d love to experience everything else they have there next time.

Red Carpet Wax Museum

As the first ever wax museum in Malaysia, Red Carpet is perhaps the new main attraction of i-City. In a 30,000 sq. ft. Oscar Awards setting, the place is much larger and has more wax figures than I was expecting. Not only there are famous movie, music and sport celebrities from the past and recent times but also politicians, Asian stars and a few more surprises (I shall not spoil it). Look out for that toilet in there.

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There are like a total of 100 wax exhibits at Red Carpet (sadly Bruce Lee went missing that day) in 6 different thematic zones. Some of them even move a little and are well set up and positioned for photos to be taken with. Sure, there are hits and misses — some with uncanny resemblance to the actual person while some are just way off. But that’s part of the fun and laughter that Red Carpet provides, like a parody of sorts — intentionally or not.

jet li fearless i-city red carpet wax museum malaysia

If it was my first time in a wax museum and I had a great hour of fun posing for funny photos and nitpicking which one’s spot on and which one isn’t. The ticket admission price for Malaysia MyKad holders is RM35 for adult and RM30 for children. Operation hours are from 11am to 1am.

nelson mandela i-city red carpet wax museum malaysia

yao ming i-city red carpet wax museum malaysia


50,000 sq. ft. of Artic environment below 8 degrees Celcius (lower than the one in Genting and Mine’s Wonderland if it still exists). Apparently the first of its kind in South East Asia. You don’t only get to feel and look at ice sculptures shone with colourful lights as there are actually rides and activities in there that you can do. SnoWalk is refurbished with new themes every few months — they had Polar Express and Angry Bird themes before this River Nile one which features a story of Egypt and Pharaoh which unfortunately I couldn’t really tell at that time.

polar express i-city snowalk

I regret underestimating how cold it was going to be in there. I was there in my thin t-shirt, jeans shorts and sneakers but fortunately jackets are available to be lent to all visitors. It’s okay at the beginning, like air-conditioning, but as I walked further in, it’s freezing cold. So cold that the low temperature pierced through the sole of my shoes. I’ve been to a few of artificial snow/ice attractions before in my lifetime but this was certainly the coldest experience I’ve ever had. Many younger visitors and kids were seen having fun riding on the mini train and queuing up to slide down the ice slope.

i-city snowalk ice slide

If you haven’t been out of ASEAN and wish to experience extreme low temperature, SnoWalk is highly recommended. It’s been very hot in Malaysia anyway so why not? Ticket entry for Malaysian MyKad holders is priced at RM25 for adult and RM20 for children before 6pm. After 6pm, it’s RM35 and RM30 respectively. Operation hours are the same as Red Carpet’s.

i-city snowalk egypt pharoah

i-city snowalk train

City of Digital Lights

So much has changed here that I couldn’t recognise it. Apart from the “lightscape” illuminated with over a million LED lights like a forest of maples and pines of jewel-toned luminosity, it now also has an outdoor theme park with rides, misty fountain and a water fountain-laser “dances” to the music by shooting water up to 40 metres high.

led lights i-city city of digital lights

As a one-of-its-kind night tourism destination open from 5pm to 12am, the LED lights are cool and all but the theme park rides really adds a lot to the experience for me as someone who’ve been here before when there were nothing but the LED lights. Fellow blogger Henry and I both had a serious thrill on the “Moto-Disco Ride” (can’t recall the exact name) that spins from one higher end to the other at high speed.

moto disco ride theme park i-city city of digital lights

It’s as fun as, and scarier than, it looks as it’s 3 minutes long and it felt like our faces were going to be smashed to the trees and walls beside it. Definitely a must-ride if you’re a thrill-seeker but make sure you’ve digested your meal.

i-city city of digital lights theme park moto disco ride

I also had a romantic time with myself on the SpaceWalk ride which circles around the park on high tracks slowly, allowing the riders to have a nice 360 view of the City of Digital Lights (if you followed my Instagram, you might have seen the video on my Instagram Stories).

i city of digital lights led lights marry go round

The park is having free entry now and the ticket for unlimited rides for Malaysia MyKad holders is only RM20. Very good deal for now, I’d say. So if you’re looking for something different to do around Selangor/KL at night, I think i-City should be in your list of consideration.

water dance i city of digital lights

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