Meet (not) life-size Megazord at Sunway Velocity Mall [updated]

Power Rangers Roadshow sunway velocity mall malaysia

Go Go Sunway Velocity Mall for Power Rangers activities from 17 to 26 March

In an effort to promote the upcoming Power Rangers reboot movie (in cinemas 23 March) and the new mall’s cinema, TGV Pictures teams up with Sunway Velocity Mall (in KL/Jalan Cheras, not the actual Sunway) to bring fans and families fun-filled, Power Rangers-themed activities at the mall’s Main Atrium from 17 to 26 March.

There’ll be games like a gigantic Coin Maze, Power (Rock) Climbing, Ranger Gladiator, Power Shooting, Virtual Reality Experience, photo opportunity and limited edition merchandises to be won. You’ll also get to meet an apparent life-sized Megazord. Wait, what?! Isn’t Megazord bigger than skyscrappers? However, according to General Manager of TGV Pictures — Chung Shyh Kwong, it is “a blow up of Megazord” so it may not be as “solid” as the life-size Optimus Prime we saw at 1 Utama, if you know what I mean. But apart from that, the activities sound fun, even to a 30 year-old like myself. Well then, see you at this Power Rangers roadshow! #GoGoSunwayVelocityMall

power rangers roadshow malaysia poster go go sunway velocity mall


So, as expected, the Megazord wasn’t life-size. In fact, it wasn’t even close to quarter size. More like… NBA player-size.

life size megazord sunway velocity mall power rangers

Although I didn’t see anyone taking photos with it, kids there were having a blast with the other activities and games.

power rangers sunway velocity mall

And hey, guess what, the movie wasn’t terrible! Read my long in-depth review here. Check out this group photo of the cosplayers at the film’s premiere screening in Malaysia:

power rangers cosplay sunway velocity mall cosplayers

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