Thousands stand against illegal tiger trade with 3890Tigers

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3890Tigers campaign by Tiger Beer Malaysia ends with a celebration at Publika

To raise awareness on the decline of wild tigers due to illegal poaching, Tiger Beer Malaysia teamed up with World Wild Fun for Nature (WWF) for the 3890Tigers campaign where the brewer removed its iconic tiger from the logo across all packaging and provided an online tool which apparently thousands have used to personalise their social media photos with various designs created by six artists around the world. Fans and media gathered at the finale event in Publika last Saturday (July 29th) on Global Tiger Day to celebrate all the efforts.

The venue was turned into a creative showcase, decorated with tiger art pieces that signifies the 250 Malayan tigers (Panthera tigris jacksoni) left in the wild. Created by local artists such as Kenji Chai, who was behind one of the six arts on, alongside with Sly Fox Crew, Caryn Koh, Stephen Lau, monoEVOLVE, NESTWO, Kangblabla and Malaysia Origami Association, the art pieces were unique interpretations of the personal styles of each artist.

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Tiger Beer globally announced that USD 1 million will be donated to tiger conservation efforts by WWF via this campaign. “We wanted to add on to the contribution with some local efforts by conducting a silent auction of these art pieces during this creative showcase. We were amazed by the immense support that we received and we are deeply gratified that we could add on to the contribution on behalf of the Malaysian counterpart,” said Jessie Chuah, Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer, HEINEKEN Malaysia.

“Although we have come to the end of the 3890Tigers campaign, this only marks the beginning for fans who are now aware of the severity of this situation. We hope the power of digital platform will continue to educate netizens and spread the awareness on the illegal tiger trade until the day we see an increase in the number 3890,” Chuah added.

The event also had a few engagement activities for attendees to uncage their creativity via body marbling, origami workshop and jigsaw mural, while enjoying ice cold Tiger Beer at selected outlets nearby. A pledge booth was also set up to further raise awareness on the plight of wild tigers.

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