Top 5 Most Disappointing Movies of 2017

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The Five Extremely Disappointing Films in 2017

Changing it up this year. Instead of the worst movies of the year lists, there’ll be this instead from now on. There are more than enough good reasons to stop doing the worst movies list — one, I no longer watch movies that are obviously going to be poor nor do I have the time to do so; and two, it is unfair to only consider and highlight the very few bad ones that I’ve seen.

Unlike the worst movies list, some of these listed films may not be all bad but were still disappointing because of different reasons. They are movies that I was hoping to be great but turned out to be mehhhh or just terrible in certain aspects of the story, character arc or narratives. Some of these films may also have received a decent or high rating from my reviews but they can still be disappointing because they didn’t live up to my expectations as a fan of the original or were unsatisfying compared to the source material, predecessor or whatnot. Films can be good and disappointing at the same time. Movies like Transformers: The Last Knight, The Mummy, Fifty Shades Darker and The Emoji Movie are not even considered ’cause nobody was expecting them to be more than just lazy cash cow garbage.

I haven’t seen every big blockbusters of the year — like Dark Tower and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets but even if I did watch them, I probably wouldn’t know if they’re disappointing or not ’cause I haven’t read the books nor do I have close friends who read them. So you’re not incorrect to feel that this list is rather incomplete or a little unfair. However, at least it’s far more fair than doing a worst movie of the year list. Besides, it’s just my opinion based only on what I’ve seen and know.

Without further ado, here are the five most disappointing movies from 2017 to me. Please be aware that there will be SPOILERS ahead.



When I saw its trailers, I actually thought this was finally going to be the good Alien instalment that I’ve been waiting for. It has “Alien” in the title and some critics were calling it a return to form for the franchise but disappointingly, as mentioned in my review, Alien: Covenant turns out to be just a Prometheus sequel packaged with a rehash of the franchise’s own tropes and old tricks. The film offers fan-services like pre-Xenomorphs and what not but they look very CGI and are no where as scary or thrilling as they were in the original first two instalments. Okay, fine. We know sort of know how the Xenomorphs were created. What about the Black Goo then? Why did the Engineers try to destroy humanity? Why did David destroy the entire Engineers civilisation? Is Xenomorphs really the superior life form that David is hoping to create? The films leaves more questions than answers. And that ending? Ah, that’s just an overused cliche.

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Ironically. this live action adaptation of the classic Japanese manga/anime has less “ghost” than “shell”. As seen in its trailers, the film is visually impressive but sadly, it’s all looks and no substance. Certain exact scenes from the original are well reproduced to live action but the rest are altered to suit the general audience of the intended mass market, resulting a somewhat boring, CGI-filled sci-fi flick with poor character development, typically unengaging slomo action sequences and fails to do its source material justice. The action sequences are graphically mild as well compared to the original. The film comes across as this messy mashup between RoboCop, V for Vendetta and Blade Runner/Total Recall. Scarlet Johansson gives a decent performance as Major but I don’t remember the character showing too much facial expressions in the classic 1995 anime adaptation. This version of the protagonist is simply not as compelling or engaging as the original.

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When it’s a DCEU film, we can always expect it to not be great. Especially after the likes of the utterly terrible Suicide Squad (2016). Justice League wasn’t as bad as that and as mentioned in the review, it’s pretty enjoyable but the plot is formulaic, feels like a lazy knockoff of Marvel’s Avengers (2015) while repeating the same mistakes as Batman v Superman (2016) — rushing to introduce too many new big time characters and kickstart their arcs without proper development. And this time it’s worse ’cause Warner limited the film to only 120 minutes — forcing Zack Snyder-Joss Whedon to really cram everything in. The funniest thing of all in the plot is Batman forming this ensemble of superheroes and then in the very same film, decides that they can’t do it without Superman and so he leads to team to exposing the dangerous Mother Box just to resurrect Superman. Okay, the Man of Steel’s revival is pretty predictable to the fans but hell, him coming back 100% A-okay without a single consequence? Might as well resurrect Martha as well!

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Not many people I know had hopes for this. But I did. I thought the trailer was compelling and Willem Dafoe seemed like the perfect choice for Ryuk. Fans of the original manga the film is based on hated how different it looked but I embraced it. Unfortunately, all those different approaches the film took turned out to be a complete disastrous pile of crap. It was so bad that I actually felt offended.

The characters are terribly written and portrayed — the originally calm, intelligent and composed Light is turned into a nervy victim of bullies and seemingly only uses the Death Note to get laid while the usually quiet, eccentric and composed L is turned into… well, just an ordinary cop who’s very emotional and stupid. The worst of all, the makers of this adaptation failed to deliver a smart cat-and-mouse plot like its source material. That unnecessarily long and boring chase scene in the final act said it all — director Adam Wingard and the rest of the fellas have missed the point completely. I am now very worried for Godzilla vs. Kong (2020).

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Technically brilliant with stunning visuals and a lot going on in a single instalment without feeling bloated. It’s very entertaining (albeit a little draggy in the middle) and received a high 4 out of 5 rating from my review upon release. However, that doesn’t mean I loved every single thing about it. It’s a good movie and yet some story and character arc decisions are shockingly disappointing and flawed. I have never felt this conflicted for a movie ever — I loved it and yet I was upset by it (this Hitler video meme perfectly conveys my feelings towards the episode). It is the ultimate good-but-also-disappointing movie.

Besides the holes from the obviously unnecessary Holdo-Poe Dameron-Finn-Rose subplot, the reveal of Rey’s parents is perhaps one of the most unsatisfying parts in the film and the most disappointing thing ever in movie history. All that mystery, setup and hype from the previous episode was all for nothing (unless they decide to make a sudden u-turn in the next episode). The other thing I was quite pissed off with was Luke Skywalker’s unsatisfying death. He had some tear-jerking moments with Leia and C3PO but these scenes were before it was obvious that he’s going to abruptly die by “spending too much power on projecting a hologram of himself ” against the stupid villain that Kylo Ren is, which lessens the impact of those moments. Let’s not even talk about Snoke and Captain Phasma. The film ended well to force the fans to let go of the original characters and accept that anyone can be a hero like Rey, who’s practically a god who could do no wrong without much of a struggle. Zzzz…

After watching Force Awakens, I felt eager to watch the next episode but after watching The Last Jedi, I don’t really care about Star Wars anymore. What is there to look forward to, seriously? A god versus a dumb, emo villain? The closure to the forced love triangle? More unnecessary Pokemon-like creatures appearing on screen for merchandise sales? Sigh.

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Dishonourable Mentions

Even the 1995 movie was more satisfying than this reboot. Likable, well-developed characters but severely lacking of actual Rangers action, CGI fest finale, and why not honour the once-mistreated David Yost by having him as a cameo?

Most critics liked this one, the general audience loved but I hated it. Its problems in a nutshell — Emma Watson was a miscast for Belle, the Beast was overly tame from the very beginning, Watson’s singing is too obviously autotuned, the film adds brand new boring, cringeworthy scenes but removed the iconic bird-feeding scene from the original animated film, and it somehow manages to convince me that Belle fell for the Beast because of his massive… library.

Unlike many critics, I actually didn’t like the new dancing clown and I didn’t find the film as dark and scary as the 1990 adaptation. Tim Curry, you’re still the “best” Pennywise — just don’t eat my arm or shapeshift into my country’s first lady.

After The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie, you might have thought that every Lego film is going to be awesome. Unfortunately that was fat hopes. Without an existing IP to make fun of, Lego’s creativity runs thin and could only make a total children cartoon with their very own lame ninja toyline without heart.

Stay tuned for my Best Movies of 2017 list which will be published before the Oscars as usual.

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    I am surprised to see Ghost inthe shell, and wonder woman in your list. I think both of the movie are not too much bad. Specially wonder woman. I watch full movie online from . Movie is average not so bad to disappoint me.

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