New limited-edition Tiger Radlers launched

tiger radler lemon grapefruit lime mint

New designs with two limited-edition variants

This might not be new to you but many might still not know that Tiger Radler has a new bright and vibrantly coloured design launched in December along with two new flavours — Grapefruit and Lime Mint. They’re all available now in stores. I tried ’em all and I do enjoy their refreshingly fruity taste.

Retaining the 2% ABV (alcohol by volume) of the original Tiger Radler Lemon, the Tiger Radler Grapefruit combines the tang of grapefruit with Tiger Beer to deliver a sweet and zesty punch which rejuvenates the senses. This one’s only available until later this month (February 2018).

As for the Tiger Radley 0.0% Lime Mint, it contains no alcohol at all. The new non-alcoholic variant combines the cool flavour of mint with the citrus burst of lime to create a fresh, thirst-quenching beverage perfect for any time of the day.

“Tiger Radler has always been the perfect choice in our hot, sunny climate, and our refreshed packaging design, limited-edition Tiger Radler Grapefruit and new Tiger Radler 0.0% Lime Mint really drives that home. Whether you’re chilling by the pool in the sunshine, enjoying a picnic with friends under the shade of a tree, or looking to cool yourself down after a game of futsal, Tiger Radler has what you need to #LightenUp.” said Jessie Chuah, Marketing Manager for Tiger Beer Malaysia.

For more info, and details of where you can catch the Tiger Radler vending machine and combi van, head over to Tiger Beer’s official FB Page.

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