Month: June 2018

Review: Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado – A good, unnecessary sequel, back to scary Mexico

Benicio Del Toro and Isabela Moner in SICARIO: Day of the Soldado

Sicario: Day of the Soldado (2018) Movie review In this sequel of the 2015 crime thriller Sicario, Day of the Soldado¬†sees the return of black ops mercenaries Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) and Alejandro Gillick (Benicio del Toro) as they are hired by the United States government to kidnap a drug lord’s daughter, Isabel Reyes (Isabela …

Review: Ocean’s 8 – More tolerable than the Ghostbusters reboot

ocean's 8 still

Ocean’s 8 (2018) Movie review Directed and co-written by Gary Ross (The Hunger Games, Seabiscuit), Ocean’s 8 is a spin-off of Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s trilogy (2001 – 2007) which seems more like an all-female, soft-reboot of the series. The plot follows Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), the sister of the original’s character Danny (George Clooney), who …