GSC Launches VR Gaming VAR Box at EkoCheras Mall

gsc var live var box launch gsc ecocheras
gsc var live var box launch gsc ecocheras

Movie-goers can now play some virtual reality games while waiting for their movies

Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) has partnered up with virtual reality (VR) gaming company VAR Live and their new cinema at EcoCheras now has VAR Boxes available to play.

Movie-goers can now enjoy some VR games with friends or others while waiting for their movie time.

VAR Boxes are VR gaming consoles with adjustable, comfortable headsets and patented homemade somatosensory guns.

At the moment, there are six mini-games – Double Tap, Battle Arena, Zombie Street 1 and 2, Extreme Challenge, Hostage Rescue and Shooting Range. I assume they are all stationary gun-shooting games.

I had the privilege to try VAR Box out and played Double Tap. I got to challenge other people who was playing at the same time. It was quite fun.

The graphics of the game is nothing to shout about but I really liked the realistic feel of firing the gun. It has good weight to it. It even has a tight recoil. And the accuracy is fantastic.

VAR Boxes are connected online with a leaderboard where you can compare scores with other players around the world. You can also download their app and check your recorded stats as well such as your ranking, scoring rate, accuracy, etc.

There was no confirmed pricing at the launch but tickets should be available at the e-kiosks by now so if you and your friends wanna shoot some stuff together and see who’s faster and more accurate, go check out the VAR Boxes at available GSC cinemas.

GSC Melawati Mall and SetiaCity will be the next ones to get VAR Boxes followed by 1 Utama and seven other locations in Malaysia in the coming months.

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