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CO logo colourless opinionsIn 2009, ColourlessOpinions.com started out as a personal blog that offers humourous opinions on latest movies and current events. It then gradually grows into a popular local portal which provides news, updates and reviews on entertainment, leisure, recreation and the latest events and happenings in Malaysia. The website continues to change in attempt to add a broader variety of contents while maintaining the blog’s principles of being accurate and honest.


Tony Teh — Editor, blogger

Tony lived in Petaling Jaya his entire life, studied at nearby schools and graduated with a business degree. He’s neither a full-time professional critic nor a journalist/writer of any kind but he’s committed to providing accurate information, personal experiences and constructive opinions in hopes that it’d help the world a little.

Email: tony@colourlessopinions.com
Twitter/Instagram: @toninkush
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